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SkewTrader Pro
SkewTrader Pro

Suppose you identified an inefficiency in the betting markets…. a genuine “leak in the bucket”, that allowed you to siphon off a constant, steady flow of cash. Would you sell it, or keep it for yourself?

Every now and again, these leaks combine, to create much bigger opportunities. Ultra-low risk trades come off in unexpectedly successful ways, giving you a bumper payday. But in a way you can’t entirely control…

Well, would you sell it on?

I have decided, for a limited period, to do precisely that. Let me explain why.

Many betting systems look to identify winners or losers by following a certain formula, or screening out horses via particular filters. The trouble with them is that you are always left wondering…

  • Will they continue to work?
  • Or will things change in the future?

SkewTrader Pro is different.

The big idea at its heart is structurally built into the betting markets. And it isn’t going to change.

Not unless the UK betting industry is completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up.

The opportunities that it exploits present themselves whenever a particular, naturally occurring set of conditions arises.

Maybe, some days, they only crop up a handful of times.

But on other days, they show up time and time again. Often enough to generate a significant, low risk second income.

I will also provide you with extensive personal support, including – for at least two weeks (and probably a lot longer!) – daily spreadsheets giving you thorough analysis about which races to trade.

I also respond to all customer queries within 24 hours, though usually I’m far quicker than that.

So tell me, if it were yours, would you sell it?

Fortunately I can.

Not because I want to “strike a blow for the common man against the bookies”, or whatever other nonsense you may read on sales pages across the web.

But simply because these opportunities are so widespread, there is no harm in doing so.

Basically I can continue to profit, and share it with you at the same time.

You can realistically aim to make £500+ a month tax free if you use the system each day. How much you make depends of course to a certain extent on you. It’s not going to turn your PC into an “automated Betfair ATM spewing cash at the bottom of your bed whilst you sleep!”. But if you put my system into action, you’ll be able to go back to it for more tax-free winnings as often as you like! It can therefore form a regular part of your overall income!

Couple of important points.

a) Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, Paypal will offer you a link to “Return to Cityman Business Solutions Ltd”. Please click it to obtain the system.

b) Don’t bother buying the product if you live in Australia, Germany, France or the US. It’s simply not designed to work in these countries

c) This offer will close on May 31st 2016.   So move fast!

What do I get?

You receive 3 ebooks, plus access to online, passworded trading support screens to do all the calculations for you, and allow you to review your options.

The three ebooks are written in plain English and are easy to follow and implement, even if you’ve struggled to follow how-to guides before.

They contain:

(1) core strategies (50+ pages)

(2) 1-page cheat sheet

(3) advanced strategy (15 or so pages)

There are also two further advanced strategies that I issue later, once you’ve got your head round the core strategies.

I provide rapid turnaround on customer queries, so you’re never on your own.

And last but very definitely not least… you also get four FR-E-E-E daily preview spreadsheets, from me, highlighting the best opportunities and trading strategies for the day ahead.

I issue them on four consecutive Saturday mornings by 11.30am – so you’ve plenty of time to digest my analysis and plan your trading.

You can get all this right now for a one-off fee of just £39 – simply by clicking the button below.

>>>SkewTrader Pro is not currently available.

>>>To be added to the waiting list, please send a short email to lucylastik@laybackandgetrich.com 

Lucy x

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