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Hello, and welcome to Rollingstone.

If you would like to recognise all the hard work that has gone into its production, kindly make a donation by clicking on the Donate button.  I recommend a figure of £25, but even small amounts are appreciated. :)

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You can read more about what Rollingstone is all about by following this thread.

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Lucy x

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  1. DaveS says

    Hi Lucy,

    Many thanks for your wonderful, FREE website! It’s certainly given me lots of new ideas and refreshed the way I handle my punting.

    I will be downloading and taking a look at ROLLINGSTONE ,and will send you a donation based on what I find.

    Meanwhile, thanks again and keep up the good work ! ( I know..sounds like something a teacher would say..which is what I am ! )

    Best Wishes,


    • Lucy says


      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I’m afraid I didn’t get to hear too many nice things from my teachers. I always remember them saying things like, “Would you stick chewing gum to the furniture at home?!?”



  2. Mike says

    Hi Lucy

    Congrats on your generosity in sharing ideas. I see you are the victim of your own success in that no Duck and Cover system is currently available.

    I suspect that leaves Rollingstone with a higher risk strategy (and therefore the need for more loseable capital).


    • Lucy says


      You make a very fair point. :)

      I maintain waiting lists for both products and re-release from time to time. So for instance, I intend to reissue the 8th Pillar, which trades football, in time for the new domestic season.

      However, Rollingstone is a framework into which you can slot appropriate alternatives. You could, for instance, use an arbitrage service to provide a Duck and Cover solution. I was very cautious about Mike Cruickshank’s arb service to start with, but have subsequently thawed out – mainly as a result of the number of his customers who jumped to his defence.

      There are also arbitrage and low-risk trading techniques described in my £1k / month manual. Some of them could be used in a Duck and Cover mode.

      Does this help!?


  3. the special one says

    just come across this gem of a site, and within 5 min of reading comments from lucy and readers, you know the knowledge here is 2nd to none.. cant believe its free. i work for star bookmakers, and work as a trader, well im really employed to arbs bet for them, 10am-330pm daily together with another 6 lads.. we have 25 lads on the road daily who hit the shops.. we using racing synergy and in the past it was good, very good.

    this year and previous i seen a bit of a slump. its nothing we are doing different, so what is it?? we blame the weather, to wet, to cold and now to dry.. i remember royal ascot week this year, i alone with one man sitting in paddy power took them for 16k in a day!!!! even though only getting one winner at ascot itself all week.. i remember thinking the good days are back!! 3 days later that same lad on the sat was 23k down, over next 3 days ..i then realised that nothing had really changed it was arb betting, id send 40 bets + if i had 4 runners on the road to send bets to. and over a long time a 12 months period, year after year still they manage to show profits.. but its a long haul thing with big big bets, and floats.

    don’t get me wrong its not for me, i get paid to send arb bets to runners. and to be really honest the reason i never have took it on with smaller stakes was i just never had enough spare cash to hold in a float.. i remember when i started and asked one of there top men if i should maybe go with a smaller stake to make extra cash. he replied if you do it you gotta do it.. day in day out, losing days winning days you gotta go back for more not one of us here in brighton have ever done it… i decided to leave it and hope they pay me extra bonus’s instead!! lol.. still waiting..

    i don’t know exact what stars final figures are at years end, but i know it was good. but remember that if i have a man in a good shop ( take laddies for ex)as that office system to hq is automated and faster so get bets on quicker without restrictions.. one man alone would get 12k in a day. more if float was big. bets 300-1200 a horse depending on price. and i remember last year about this time thinking 25th march -25th july id myself made the company 20k profit. forgot now what it was end of year but will post another time. rumours had it that star sports bookmakers young owner ben. had made millions over the 5 year arbs really started. if he didnt why would he have 30 staff running around all year round.. just time, patience and a never ending bank roll and i to could drive a ferrari.

    thought id just give you an update of how the big pros are doing. and what they are doing!!c been dreadful 6 weeks really.a lot of float refills.

    lucy you are the queen of sport betting systems etc… quick question and maybe you answered it many times before, i just have not had enough time to read everything on site. sorry.. what’s your recommendation on betting systems and what’s the best in your eyes.. …. and keep up the great work you put into this site, and the knowledge you have.. stay lucky all

    • the special one says

      let me add quickly we arb bet to a maximum return win or place market. .. only using betfair for guidance of weight of money and people queuing up waiting to bet it.. its pretty stressful for me somedays and its not my money i’m losing.. its pretty full on with no safety back bets etc..

  4. James says

    Hmm interesting..the special one. Did you say you work as a trader for bookies. U seem knowledgable, y daren’t you working for yourself?

  5. Adam says

    Hi Lucy,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for publishing your rollingstone manual. My betting used to be all over the place. However, since following the structure you described I am now £2700 up, using combination of Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser and Skew trader. Once I get to £3000 I will get into ‘Ramp up’ mode and leave the bookies alone for a while. Great site, great info.

  6. clive says

    Hi Lucy,
    Sorry to be posting a question again today, (this is my third I think on various pages).

    I am a little confused. I am reading both your Rolling Stone PDF and the How to make a 1,000 a month PDF. In the former you mention GGL sports as one of your portfolio favourites, but the the latter you say you concentrate on arbs and laying. Does this mean that GGL has been kicked into touch?

    Can you list your current portfolio?

    Cheers Clive.

  7. Lucy says

    Hi Clive

    The two manuals are intended for different audiences.

    The £1k manual is aimed at beginners and is deeply risk-averse. Hence arbs and so forth to demonstrate how do-able this is. These concepts are echoed in the bank building phase at the start of Rollingstone.

    The latter is more advanced and was written later as I started to fall in love with portfolio betting. If there is one big idea that my site is now about, this is it.

    GGL Sports is still a passed system on the site, and therefore remains in the Passed folder. However if there was ever a product that should be held within a portfolio, this is it! Risk-averse punters may prefer alternatives.

    We do need to get away from this idea of a one-size-fits-all solution. Novice system hunters still looking for the Silver Bullet have yet to realise there isn’t one. Or rather, there is, but it’s about designing a portfolio that works for them and suits their personality.

    It depends so much on the person. I’m quite relaxed with risk these days but typically, the newer somebody is to betting, the more uncomfortable they are with losing runs – in spite of what they will often say and even believe about their own ability to tolerate them.

    It follows that it’s meaningless to talk about a definitive personal portfolio and anyway I’d have to update it constantly as of course I keep trialling new products all the time. My repeated advice is to construct a portfolio that works for you using the Passed systems folder as your guide.

    That said, this doesn’t stop me proposing possible portfolios from time to time. One such, using some surprisingly low-profile systems, was added as recently as October.

    Thanks Lucy

    • Aaron says

      Hi Lucy,

      Looking for consistent winners to get sport folio going, would you still say ggl is a must for it?

      If not is there any other suggestions for someone knew to starting a portfolio.


      • Lucy says


        GGL did very well in our trial but “consistent” isn’t an adjective that comes to mind when I think about it! Very much one for folks with a strong nerve.

        The simplest place to start is the Passed folder: there are quite a few to choose from there.. :)


  8. Frank says

    Hi Lucy,

    I’ve just discovered your excellent site and spent an enjoyably informative morning reading through the various pages. I’ve also downloaded the free £1K 7 Rolling Stone manuals (I’ll donate once I’ve had a chance to read through the latter).

    Many thanks for the wealth (in every sense of the word) of information you have generously provided here. I’m completely new to sports trading/betting but I feel I’ve found a site that I will return to often, with a friendly community of ‘fellow travellers’ and I’m looking forward to the journey (have you considered adding a discussion forum to your site?).


    • Lucy says


      Thank you for your lovely comments.

      I’ve toyed with the idea of a forum and had one for a while but I found it confused readers. I now actually regard the whole site as a sort of forum!

      I may reintroduce it at some point but there really is only me here! 1100 pages, 8000+ subscribers, countless trials… I do absolutely love it but there does have to be a limit sometimes. :)

      Wishing you every success with Rollingstone. I believe it reveals the single most important idea on my entire website.


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