Pro Footy Tips Trial Conclusion

Life with Pro Footy Tips is anything but dull.

After kicking off my trial in August 2016, I experienced a really tough first month.

Months #2#3 and #4 were all extremely encouraging – though, almost inevitably, they were followed by another difficult period.

The upshot of all these ups and downs was a net profit of around 21 points at an ROI of just over 4%.

It had all apparently been a lot of fuss for not really that much profit.

Inevitably then, with just over two months left till the domestic leagues closed down, I found myself hoping for one last hurrah to deliver a resounding full-season profit.

So did I get one?

Read on to find out…. 

(If, however, you’re new to Pro Footy Tips, I recommend you first have a read of my opening article and interim progress updates before returning here for my closing thoughts).

Pro Footy Tips
Pro Footy Tips

Yes, I’m delighted to say we did.

In the end, I have banked 81 points’ profit and locked in a double-figure ROI.

Which is a pretty satisfactory outcome for a single football season.

Pro Footy Tips – Full Trial Results Advised Prices Price taken
Profit (£) £ 1,010.00  £ 810.80 
Profit (pts) 101.00 81.08
New Bank £ 1,760.00  £ 1,560.80 
%age bank Growth 134.67% 108.11%
Wins (games with profit) 85 85
Bets 328 328
Strike rate(races w/ profit) 25.91% 25.91%
ROI 13.31% 10.68%

As I keep saying about this product, performance is volatile, so a long-term perspective is absolutely essential.

The following graph makes the point far more effectively than I could in words:

Pro Footy Tips - Performance Chart
Pro Footy Tips – Performance Chart

You can download the results log for the whole trial here.


I’ve really enjoyed this trial: well, most of it, anyway.

Of course, nobody likes the experience of losing runs but I always had a vague feeling that the thing might come right eventually.

This was largely because, for the most part, Pro Footy Tips adopts a pretty clear strategy of opposing favourites.

And contrarian betting — or going against the herd — is an approach I have a soft spot for.

My trial of the BBC’s experiment with Salford University’s supercomputer similarly suggested value bets where hot favourites appeared to have been ‘over backed’. The difference here though was that PFT made the right contrarian calls and banked significant profits as a result.

I’m therefore going to award PFT one of those increasingly rare things here at Lay Back – a Pass rating. If you get involved, you’ll need to take a long-term perspective but my experience of doing so is that it’s rewarding in the end.

You can find out more about Pro Footy Tips by clicking here.


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