Peter Webb’s Betting Exchange Academy – Upcoming Review

Peter Webb's Betting Exchange Academy
Peter Webb's Betting Exchange Academy

Hello! And welcome to the latest entry to join the mighty Lucy-train as it smashes through the crap of the betting world and reveals truth and justice in the form of tangible profit!

My name is Andy, and I’m here to write a review on the forthcoming Peter Webb Trading Masterclass course, which is happening on the 24th June, 2013.

I will be updating my progress with deadly accuracy, which will mean posting my profit and loss no matter how shameful or fantastic it may be.

I will be sharing everything I’ve learned to this point, and long term how things develop AFTER the course, for a period of 6 months or longer!

Peter's Masterclass Training Room
Peter's Masterclass Training Room

The main question ‘The Boss‘ would like to answer is “Can a £400 trading course really be worth it?”

I intend to answer that question, and leave you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Think of me as a human guinea pig, for reasons that will become apparent in the next section!

OK… so a little about me.

I opened my Betfair account on my 20th birthday last year and used it for a little matched betting and dabbling.

However I discovered the magic of trading around December time. I immediately handed my notice in and decided this was the big opportunity I was after!

But… it turns out you can’t learn trading overnight!

I had a bit of a crash in February, so until about April I got by on arbitrage and a portfolio of betting systems which has allowed me to rebuild my trading bank and keep the bills at bay, but…

It’s a ticking time bomb because I arb so much my bookmaker accounts are slowly being closed down.

And when I lose those, I lose most of my income and it’s trouble time!

Trouble Time!
Trouble Time!

Therefore, trading for me has become a real case of ‘sooner rather than later’, and that is what this is all about.

I have been making steady progress since I really got stuck into the pre-race horse markets in May, but we are talking tiny sums of money.

So I am attending Peter’s course to really up the ante, and get a foundation to my riff raff knowledge of the markets.

My short term goal is just to crack £30-40 a day in trading income, that is comfortable for me.

Before next summer I want to be able to get to my desk and break £100-£200 consistently.

Two years down the line I’m aiming to take £500-£1000 on a daily basis…. :)

Now the above targets may seem too high, but I’m gunning for them and will get there, and in the process I’ll share my learnings and answer the main question of this thread….

Can the Peter Webb Masterclass lead to a comfortable trading income? And does it justify the £400 price tag?

I’d love to hear a lot of voices and opinions, and to start the ball rolling, I will begin with my own….

I would have paid twice the amount for the opportunity that I believe this course holds.

Then again, I have a massive incentive and motivation to make it work!

I’ll be back after the class on 24th June with a review.

I may actually write it on the plane journey back to sunny Glasgow, so you get it hot off the press!

Until then, take care!


PS The review of the training day is NOW AVAILABLE HERE.

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    • Andrew says

      Hello Matt, I was far too tired to write it up yesterday but I will have it up either tonight or tomorrow evening latest. It’ll be worth the wait though I promise.


  1. Matt Smith says

    Ha. Ok no probs. I was due to enroll on this course, but couldnt find any reviews. I was just about to ‘bite the bullet’ then came across this site. It sounds promising, which is good. Look forward to the read.

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