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Recently I was lucky enough to receive a new Ipod for a present.

And it prompted me to fill a major gap in my music collection with a few classics that I’ve long been missing.

Which is pretty much how I feel about the new trial we’re starting today.

You see, there’s a gap here at Lay Back without a review of this service…

Launched in 2012 and voted, by readers, as runner-up for the Best Football System Award in my 2012 Betting Oscars, it’s a product many of you will have heard of.

Indeed I’m regularly asked if I’ve already reviewed it.

So, I’m delighted to announce our long overdue trial of…. Assured Soccer Profits!

Assured Soccer Profits
Assured Soccer Profits

ASP comes with quite a pedigree.

John Duncan, the man behind it, launched his first online service, Football Cash Generator, way back in 2003.

And he even tells me (believe this if you will!) that he personally invented the ubiquitous Lay the Draw strategy.

Bet he wishes he’d been able to bank royalties on that!

So… what is Assured Soccer Profits all about then?

First and foremost, it’s a trading product – the exact opposite of ‘bet and forget’.

As the sales page says, “The more effort you are prepared to put in, the more you can learn and the more you can make”.

It apparently takes a few weeks and a fair bit of practice to master the strategy, though it should get easier once you’ve got the hang of it.

John also emphasises that you don’t need to know anything about football to be successful.

Ultimately, it’s about trading well, rather than understanding the finer points of the offside rule.

The general aim is to try to win small but regular amounts.

The sales page says that ASP “is perfect for someone who could use an extra £15, £20 or so per day and has some time on his or her hands”. 

It adds that, “Anyone with even very small betting exchange account funds (£200 to £300) can run with this system”.

So it does sound like it may hold quite broad appeal.

And, assuming it works, you should soon recover your initial outlay, as ASP sells for just £83.

So what do you get for your money?

On the face of it, it would appear quite a lot.

The membership package includes:

  • A full manual, as well as a quick start guide.
  • Tutorial videos to improve your understanding of the strategy.
  • On-site tutorial blogs and advice on particular strategies.
  • Members’ area.
  • Access to bet calculators and other helpful tools.
  • All upgrades and alterations.
  • Lots and lots of support! (John actually says he will “keep talking to you until you simply don’t need us any more because you have mastered it”!) 

So it all sounds pretty comprehensive.

It’s also something of a moving target, as John appears to be constantly updating it.

The full manual was refreshed as recently as February 2015, and there are further changes afoot: e.g. the Quick Start guide is shortly to be amended to cover Betfair’s phasing out of the ‘Any Unquoted‘ option on Correct Score markets.

So does it work?

To find out, I’m going to ask seasoned trader and perennial football-phobe Ian to lead the trial for us. :)

Ian recently completed a very thorough review of Goal Profits for us, so I’m hoping for more of the same this time.

I sense this is a very important trial.

Here’s hoping Assured Soccer Profits lives up to its billing!



Update at 25th June 2015 – I seem to be struggling with triallists on this one, and decided to wind the trial up.

Please see comment below for reasons why.

Additionally, existing ASP customers who send me proof of purchase will be given free access to our passworded strategies discussion group here



ps why not have a read of my comprehensive PDF on making £1000 per month from betting? It is ultra-easy to follow, and you can get a free copy just by clicking this link!

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  1. Johnny says

    Assured Soccer Profits – Trial Update #1

    This is my opening review of ASP and what a system you receive when you sign up.

    Lucy has been requesting this review for a while now, and to fully understand what this entails takes a long time.

    Without giving too much of the system away, it is based primarily on trading two markets on the exchanges.

    This involves laying pre kick off and trading out for a profit later during in play, or leaving the trades to run until completion of the game to achieve greater profits.

    To get started with the system, five videos are available to watch. They range from basic explanations of what the exchanges are and how they operate through to match selection, which is a critical part of the trading method.

    John, who is the system creator, clearly demonstrates the importance of correct match selection. Watching these videos is crucial to understanding how the system works and demands concentration to ensure you know what you’re doing.

    Unfortunately, the game of football doesn’t always run as we would like it… in this case, we are worried about matches with no goals. To cover this event, a “What If” spread sheet is included in the Method Modules section. All in all there are twelve different modules to work your way through to begin to understand what to do if things do go against your initial pre kick off trades. There are also seven video tutorials covering different strategies, which again takes time to digest and understand.

    Every game pans out differently, so it’s important to check the selection criteria have been met before you start. Finding a perfect match can be tricky, even with all the various strategies, and certain deviations can be allowed. All this is covered in the Videos and Tutorials section.

    In my trading, I am used to placing lay bets on the horses at very short odds… 1.5 – 2.0 ish. This system places lay bets at far greater odds than that. So, as you can imagine, beginning to accept odds at far higher a price is quite alien to me at the moment.

    This system is much better to implement and follow if you are interested in football. The strategies used are not new, they have been around for a good while now. But the point is, you’re trading in-play so there is a time commitment. Your aim is to react to events and trade out to an ‘all-green’ position (i.e. both positions profitable).

    As an extra to Assured Soccer Profits, I have been contacted by John to join the Skype support group where information will be shared on the day’s games and potential up and trades. This is something I will be taking up shortly.

    So to pull this first report to an end without me rambling on for ages… This looks like a method to use on football matches played throughout the world at all times of the day. If the criteria match then trades can be placed and profits banked.

    One thing to bring to light is somewhere I have read that it is possible to make one per cent of the betting bank per day… Now over a full year of trading, that is some serious money and if a decent betting bank is in place well worth serious consideration.

    Next review will include some trades undertaken to show advancement with this method.

    Watch this space…


  2. Lucy says

    UPDATE, 25/6/2015

    I have decided, exceptionally, to close down this incomplete trial.

    I say this without any pleasure at all. However, I have got through two triallists so far and just can’t bring myself to locate a third.

    No. 2 Triallist John’s closing email to me read as follows:


    This method requires you to be in front of the computer throughout the length of the game.

    You ensure the criteria is met prior to placing the trade. Hopefully the trade is successful, but if not you are provided with a spread sheet of “what if’s”. This is where you need to place recovery trades to even out the pending losses.

    Placing lay bets at very high odds can be very daunting, so a lot of monitoring is required to ensure you are watching the game correctly.

    High losses are possible if the game doesn’t go in your favour and you get it wrong.

    The ASP system is something I’m not really happy with because nothing is cast in stone. It’s all down to how an individual reads the match and how it is unfolding.

    Hope this helps.


    Reading these comments, one might conclude that the product holds limited appeal.

    On the other hand, there has been a constant stream of existing users willing to discuss the product, both on this page and on the passworded page I eventually had to set up for them. So clearly these people have started using it and think it’s worth exploring.

    Incidentally, anyone else who can prove to me they have bought ASP can have the password.

    It’s also clear from what we’ve learned that the product comes with a mountain of explanatory material and video. This is an old chestnut of a system that has apparently got a lot to offer.

    For some reason however, it also seems to be beyond testing. The possibility of significant in-play liabilities worries some and the subjective element may discourage others. But there are many fans.

    I am therefore awarding a Neutral rating and closing the trial. We had an honest go and developed some views. I guess that’s something.

    You can read more about Assured Soccer Profits here.


    • Chris R says

      I think that’s for the best, really. It’s not a product that you can trial, per se – sort of like trialling a driving instructor. If you can’t drive, it will be useless to you, no matter how good the instructor.

      I stand by what was said here, it’s the Marmite of the trading world. Love it, or hate it, it’s definitely worth the money. Even the sales blurb lays it out well. This is no get rich quick scheme. It’s one of the most honest trading system/strategies I’ve come across. I have 1000’s of these things on my PC, so that’s saying something.

      If you have purchased and feel differently, we can continue this on the passworded page, which seems very quiet all things considering :)

  3. Lucy says


    Thanks for those comments; you’re making me feel better already. :)

    Presumably driving instructors have to be tested too but I suspect it all ends up being more subjective, and qualitative rather than quantitative (though there would also appear to be an infinite-loop style problem with the process: viz., who examines the instructor’s examiner? And who examines that examiner!? ad infinitum…).

    I have just allocated the password to two more folks who asked for it and will continue to issue to any existing customer who’d like to get involved. To date however, everyone who was chatty in public is now silent in private!


  4. Joe says

    To be honest your trialists must be terrible Lucy! A quick google search of ASP review and you will find endless reviews good or bad I fail to see how someone can not trial this. The response from your trialist tells me he’s lazy and just wants to see money accumulate in his account from doing the bare minimum. You get out what you put in.

    I’m a big fan of the site and some reviews are great but in my opinion your taking on any old trialist lately and obviously there not up to the task. Maybe you should do this one Lucy :)

  5. Lucy says


    Thanks for being kind about the site if not the trial!

    The problem is that triallists are unpaid enthusiasts, and there is therefore only so much I can ask them to do. When two of them walk away from the table – the first being one of my most experienced triallists, Ian, and the other being someone who is doing a pretty decent job of testing Little Acorns, including getting to grips with the Revelation Staking Plan – I have to ask why.

    Furthermore, Chris, who comments at length above, is an experienced user of ASP and appears to agree with my assessment so that makes me feel better too. :)

    So yes, I’d like to continue if at all possible but I cannot force people to use systems that they don’t want to test!

    Unless maybe you’d like to pick it up!? 😉


  6. Joe says

    It would be a biased review as I’ve already used for a year and know it’s profitable. Plus I’m don’t actually trade football during the summer :) I really think asp is best used in the main season as it’s about doing as many games as possible, like the authors say. I like to trade around 4 games at a time sometimes more

  7. Lucy says

    OK thanks Jon.

    Well, I am open to fresh triallists stepping forward but take your point that we probably need to wait until August to kick things off again.

    If anyone would like to get involved, drop me a line at I will then explain what’s involved in running a test.

    Trialling this product is non-trivial but – at least in the view of several commenters on this thread – clearly worth doing.


    • Chris R says

      I’ve tried to automate ASP, but it seems quite difficult. I’ve used Gruss Betfair Assistant and made some linked Excel spreadsheets to do it, with rules and formulas applied. To be honest, I’m not a bot expert! (Oo, er, missus…) I think it would be possible to automate “profit” trades, or those with little action in the first half – which for me is about 50% of the trades I’ve entered. (Profit, or break even with some risk if loads of second half goals arrive) Those matches with loads of first half goals, you would have to trade yourself, IMHO.

      I don’t agree with the reviewers comments on the amount of time spent per trade – you can sit and watch the market moving, which you should do when you first start out, but you soon realise that certain games perform the in same way. Most games, with not a lot of action early doors, could be left to have unmatched bets matched at certain points during the in play period and you can come back to take any evasive action needed if certain things happen at certain times in the match.

      It is possible to trade many matches at the same time – in fact, it’s recommended with an initial liability for new starters of up to £30-£40 max per match and a recommended £200 bank, so trading multiple matches at the same time isn’t out of the question. (There are reasons this bank is recommended, even if you have more “disposable” cash to use with it, btw) It wouldn’t be possible to do that if you had to watch each match as it plays out. On the flip side of that, if a few of those games go “wrong” you might struggle to manage them all at the same time. The exit points for each would also probably be reached at much the same time/minutes in the match – one of the reasons I wanted to try to automate, as you can leave the break even matches to their own thing, while you concentrate on minimising risk on those matches going against you.

      None of this will make sense to anyone who doesn’t own ASP, going in to more detail would give the method away and is probably better saved for the passworded page for purchasers.

  8. Lucy says

    Thanks Grumpy. :)

    Bots occasionally may seem the answer to a maiden’s prayer, but ASP, I fear, remains beyond them. Humans still are not entirely superfluous…

  9. IanW says

    @ChrisR – kudos for trying to bot it. I wondered if some of GP’s systems could be botted and initially thought about flow-charting some of the simpler systems like Lay The Draw but there was little value in the LTD variations I looked at.

    Having said that, if you actually try to write down a set of concrete rules for some of these trading systems you soon see how complex and involved they are. Easy for a human (relatively speaking!) but not so easy to objectively quantify. If it could be done then the system could easily (again, speaking relatively) be tested.

    It’s telling to note that I don’t know of any trading system with a set of step-by-step objective rules. If anyone knows of one, do let us know.


    • Chris R says

      I have automated LTD using OCO (Order cancels order) in a few bots – I don’t like using it too much in the Match Odds market, as it isn’t profitable, but I have used LTD Twist and some other strats from GP. Still yet to find a killer bot that will make a profit 24×7 for me, but won’t stop me tinkering and trying.

      Anyone who trades Forex will know how difficult it is to have a bot make decisions like the human brain can. Arguably better entries/exits, when rules are stuck to, but applying logic automatically seems elusive.

      Anyway, as soon as a profitable bot is created and released (probably sold to lots of people) the value in trading it would be reduced as these markets are very accurate. I’m convinced a value approach will lose over time, for the same reason. If you’re interested there’s a great ebook called The Holy Grail Forex Trading System by James Windsor, available where all good ebooks are available from. That talks about finding a holy grail (hence the name :) ) and seeing the market around you change over time, turning it in to a losing system.

  10. IanW says

    Yes, indeed, the markets change continuously.

    Most Forex bots simply don’t work long-term. I’ve yet to see one that works in all market conditions – or that can tell the difference! If anyone developed one that did, I doubt they’d sell it so if you want to know if a Forex bot is profitable or not, check if it’s on sale! :-)

    I was/am (currently in hiatus because of founder’s commitments) a member of a small group developing Forex bots. Basically, we optimise the heck out of them, hope they’ll run for a few trades then re-optimise. Quite intricate and time-consuming.

    I’ll check out the book :-)


  11. Mark says

    Hello Lucy,

    I bought Assured Soccer Profits in 2011 and have just started looking at it properly. I’ve just found out your website has a passworded members section. How can I prove my purchase to you to get the password? I don’t know if I still have the e-mail with the receipt. Maybe a screenshot of the Members home page? If so, please let me know where to send it to.



  12. Luke says

    Hi Lucy,

    Is it possible to get access to the ASP discussion page? I have my receipt on my emails.



  13. Lewis Tait says

    Hi Lucy,

    I purchased ASP a week ago, was wandering if the discussion page is still open. I have the receipt email if you need it.



  14. Paul adams says

    Hi Lucy, I purchased asp ages back. Email not to hand but I can screen shot manual to prove I purchased it if required. If the passworded page is still an option, cheers :)

  15. Bozhan says

    I have also sent proof of purchase and requested access to the private page here.

    It will be very nice to comment the system with other users.

  16. JustAPunter says

    I also had the same issues with the system but may need some more practice. The prices seem to move too slowly and liabality can be high. I’ll mail Lucy regarding the private area. If anyone wants to trade some matches together via Skype, please let me know. It could really help getting a grip about the system.


  17. Pete says

    Hi Lucy,

    How can I get access to the ASP discussion? I access to the members page still but not sure about the purchase email!

    Thank you.

  18. silvesta says

    Hi lucy, I hope all is well. Can you please email the protected password as well, I should have proof of purchase somewhere. Thanks

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