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The tipping industry has never been shy about making bold claims for its services, often lavishly decorated with photographs of Ferraris and blondes – not that I have anything against either.   It’s jus’ that, in reality of course, many such services have often proven to be a complete letdown.   And indeed, if I were of a jaundiced disposition, this might be a good point to insert pictures of a push bike and a blow-up doll.

But enough of cynicism!   Isn’t a little bit of everyone of us pulled in towards those intoxicating claims… the thought that ‘this time it might be different…??’.

Or is it jus’ me!? :-)

It is in fact on account of such claims as these, that I find myself drawn to the sales page of The Betting Club.  Because, although they can’t resist describing their service as “a betting revolution”, thereafter things settle down and a sort of seductive pragmatism kicks in….

For instance, they state, “This is NOT a tipping service with “Inside Information”, “Dark Horses”,”Job Horses” or anything of the kind”. Glory be!   They carry on, “It can be said that this is not exciting…” oh yes!…. “BUT members of the betting club all share one goal and one goal only; to make money!”  Well Amen to that brother!

They then add, “Our approach is to do so Consistently Carefully and Patiently!”     And I find myself nodding sagely at such wisdom, and thinking hey, it must be true, they even use capital letters.   They finish with the profound statement that they “see this as INVESTING not GAMBLING”.   So, capital letters and bold text.   It all sounds dreamy.

So anyway, I’ve signed up for the free trial, and I am going to record my results here.  Oddly, the trial is of unspecified length, but I am too excited to worry about such things.   OK I admit to having had more than a slight wobble when I read their staking plan – a bank of £3000, with each point being £500!!! – but then, with the excitement coursing through my veins, I found myself thinking, “Why not!? We will all be a long time dead!”

It all starts on Saturday morning.    But I’ll probably be backing at £2 a point. :-)



Final Update, Sunday 11th December, 2011

Well, what an anti-climax that all was!

After only ten tips, the Betting Club simply stopped sending out emails.    No explanation, and no reply to enquiries about what had gone wrong.    Only silence – followed by messages advertising a different service called IBetting!

I am baffled by what has gone on.   Up until the moment that the service stopped, I had been quietly impressed by the fact these people appeared to have a plan.   OK, they were slightly in arrears, but that happens with betting, and one of the most important ingredients for success is a willingness to stick to your principles during the bad times and carry on until things turn around.

Sadly, the Betting Club do not appear to have this staying power, and therefore I am left with no option but to put their service into my Failed Systems category.

Deep down, I must admit to having had serious reservations at their extremely bold staking plan, but had been prepared to overlook it owing to their pragmatic approach, and apparent determination to deliver high strike rates at low odds.

I only paper-traded the tips, and gee, am I glad.  But even assuming we had been able to secure the required odds at Betfair for our very large stakes, we would still have lost quite a bit of money.

– At the “tipped” prices, we finished at -£356.15.

– At BSP, we plummeted to  -£763.23.


In conclusion, I believe that any tipping service priced at this premium level needs to be able to be shown to work at Betfair SP.    We have not been allowed the opportunity to do this with The Betting Club, so it has to go into the ‘FAILED’ folder.


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  1. Lucy says

    Mmm, well nothing received from the good folk at the Betting Club yet…. am sure it will all start soon, they certainly know to get a girl’s anticipation levels up!


  2. Lucy says

    OK we’re up and running, though we’ve made a slow start. I will record progress against the stakes advised, though in the end I have decided to paper trade – as in fact the Betting Club somewhat unexpectedly recommended me to do in their tips email this morning.

    Both today’s tips were at short prices:

    2-00 Leicester – KELLS BELLE, stake £250, tipped @ 1.8, came a distant second.

    3-40 Leicester – PHOENIX FLIGHT, stake £250, tipped @ 1.7, BSP was 1.57, won.

    After commission, this sets the initial balances to the following :

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at -£83.75
    – At BSP, we are at -£114.63.


  3. Lucy says


    A much better day with two winning selections, once again at short prices –

    1-55 Sandown Fingal Bay, stake £100, tipped @ 2.3, BSP 1.8.
    6-40 Wolves Double Trouble, stake £400, tipped @ 1.57, BSP 1.48.

    After commission, this puts both balances into profit –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at £256.35.
    – At BSP, we are at £143.77.

    Still very early days, but interesting to note the variable stakes proposed by the tipster. He/she is also clearly unafraid of short prices!


    • Lucy says

      Some first impressions…

      We have a single selection for Saturday, and again it is at a short price, which is clearly something that appeals to The Betting Club tipster. If it works, this approach should however make for a reasonably comfortable ride, as the strike rate ought to be quite attractive. The small number of selections also makes life simpler as bet placement is quicker, and there is generally less to go wrong.

      I’m pleased to say that today’s tipping email arrived at 7.20am, which was a significant improvement on yesterday’s, which didn’t come till a slightly disappointing 11.24am. There is a clear promise in the sales literature that tips will be delivered by 10am, which has happened on 2 out of 3 days so far. There is also an option to receive tips by SMS.

      The service is positioned as a professional one, with a professional price tag of £99 per month, so I would expect the 10am deadline to be adhered to.

      I am not finding it too difficult so far to find the required odds at one or more bookmakers, though for someone who needs to place their bets prior to leaving home for work in the morning, this will almost certainly not be the case. I would not recommend taking industry SP on short-priced favourites; so for most working people, Betfair will be the obvious place to ensure they get matched at the right price.

      Things can be different at the weekend though. For instance, I was able to find today’s price very early on at one bookie (Paddy Power), at odds slightly longer than those suggested by the tipster.

      However, with a £500 stake, price isn’t the only issue, as your bookmaker may eventually baulk at taking big bets from you on hot favourites if things do go well. Thus my view is that at these stakes and prices, life is going to be easier on the exchanges, where there is no risk of account limitation.

      I am therefore concerned that the tipster emails take no account of Betfair commission in their profit and loss calculations. Presumably the tipster is working on the principle that we will be able to get matched at the bookies! I will however continue to track at both ‘tipping price’ and BSP, and allow for Betfair commission. In my view, a premium-priced backing system does need to be shown to work at BSP.

      Finally, as I have suggested above, I do feel that placing bets at £500 a go, out of a bank of £3000, is a highly questionable strategy. To be fair, today is the first time that a full £500 stake has been proposed, and of course, to a certain extent the acceptability of any given staking plan does depend on personal taste (and means!) – but it certainly is the case that by testing this system, I am not following my own rules. In particular, see rule 2 about heart attacks!


  4. Lucy says

    And we have another short-priced winner, with Al Ferof winning at a BSP of 1.43 against a stake of £500. The selection was tipped at 1.6, which, as noted above, was available on Betfair this morning for quite some time.

    After commission, the new balances are as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at £541.35.
    – At BSP, we are at £348.02.

    It is of course very early days, but the clear pattern emerging is that the system appears to:

    – require high stakes (not to mention a strong constitution)
    – focus on short-priced “bankers”
    – look for prices significantly better than BSP.


  5. Lucy says

    A disappointing day today, with A P McCoy letting me down as usual!

    The only selection was another short-priced favourite, with £300 being staked at 1.6 on El Mondo in the 1.10 at Warwick. McCoy’s mount duly fell, taking a substantial percentage of our profit to date down with him.

    After commission, the new balances are as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at £241.35.
    – At BSP, we are at £48.02.


  6. Lucy says

    A non-runner today produced a replacement tip from the The Betting Club, received only 35 minutes before the race. I must confess to having been worried by this as it smacked a bit of a snap decision, though of course the tipster may have had a ‘substitute’ tip lined up all along.

    The replacement was Soprano in the 12.20 at Musselburgh, at a stake of £500. As followers of Tyler’s lay tipping service will know, this one finished second, so this plunges us firmly back into the red. Two losers, and all has changed. Such is life when betting at stakes as high as these.

    After commission, the new balances are as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at -£258.65.
    – At BSP, we are at -£451.98.


  7. Lucy says


    Our 8th selection in the trial was Hunt Ball in the 2.10 @ Fontwell this afternoon, which was tipped @ 2.9, for a stake of £500.

    Hunt Ball won easily at a BSP of 2.45, thus getting the system back on track. After commission, the new balances are therefore as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at £643.85.
    – At BSP, we are at £236.77.


  8. Lucy says


    Our 9th selection was received today and allocated the maximum £500 stake. It was Sky Lancer in the 2pm at Leicester, and was tipped @ 1.6. Unfortunately, the final BSP was as low as 1.36, and Sky Lancer came second to Verde Goodwood.

    I can’t help starting to worry a little when a tipster is going for selections that go off @ 1.36 and still lose.

    After commission, the new balances are therefore as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at £143.85.
    – At BSP, we are at -£263.23.

    If nothing else, this trial is providing a stern reminder that securing high odds can be the difference between winning and losing. That said, I do believe that a service costing £99 per month needs to be able to deliver a profit on Betfair, at BSP.

    It is still early days, and with stakes as high as these, we could get back on track with a single bet.


  9. Lucy says


    Well the Betting Club went for a slightly more ambitious selection today, placing £500 on Somersby in the 2pm race @ Huntingdon, at odds of 2.5. Unfortunately, Somersby came home four and a half lengths behind Gauvain, so we slip further into the red.

    The new balances, after commission, are therefore now as follows –

    – At the “tipped” prices, we are at -£356.15.
    – At BSP, we are at -£763.23.


  10. Lucy says

    And suddenly, after 10 tips, and without explanation, the bets have stopped coming!

    Contacting the Betting Club doesn’t help either. Instead of sending more tips, they simply sent through a promotional email for a different service called ibetting??

    I am frankly baffled. OK, the service isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, but it is still quite early days, and two or three good results could quite easily transform matters, especially with stakes such as these.

    If I am unable to restart the trial, I will have to put the Betting Club in my FAILED category. Suspending the service without explanation when we’re losing money leaves me with little option.

    Very disappointing… I really had genuinely thought these guys might be on to something.


    • Lucy says

      Still no reply from The Betting Club support people, so I have added my Final Comments in the body text above and closed the trial. A real disappointment. :-(


  11. Martin says

    I too had reservations about this sevice. But kept quiet it give it a chance.
    Why did i have reservations?
    1) It is crazy to bet 16% of your bank on one bet.
    2) The stakes were too large to be able to get the bet on at the required odds.
    3) I did not like the language he used in his tweets to other people.
    4) It seems when one service fails to deliver they try and sell you another.

    I always try to find out a bit about the people behind the service by searching Google and putting the words ‘scam’ and/or ‘review’ in the search to see what comes up.
    Make your own mind up by searching Carl Harris.

    I am not calling Carl Harris or anyone connected with this service a cheat, liar or scammer. They may well be very successful and give an excellent service to their subcribers. I am saying that i do not like them. That is my own opinion.

    The conclusion is always do some research.

    • Lucy says


      Amazingly, today I received an email from the Betting Club, apparently proposing a new one-week trial. No reference this time to the mysterious iBetting, but instead I was supplied with a new short-priced tip, and what appeared to be a completely fresh start (with a fresh bank). The new trial is set to run through this week only; whereas the previous trial has apparently been air-brushed from history.

      I trust you will be unsurprised to hear that I have no intention of tracking the new trial.

      I am at a loss to understand or explain the Betting Club’s approach to trialling, but believe it does confirm your point that everyone should do their own research before investing in any new service. Hopefully my site can help validate products and services as part of that decision.


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