MathBet – Trial Conclusion

Hi there, MikeT here again, with my review of the Mathbet arbitrage system.

(And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, start with Lucy’s opening post here, then have a look at my first impressions article).




Getting Started

Setting up Mathbet was quite easy. I just had to download the software, then register with username and password.

I played around with the software for a couple of hours on the first day and I must say, I was very impressed with what I was seeing.

The arbs are certainly plentiful. There are always at least 2000-4000 arbs available on a daily basis, with the bulk being worth around 1-5%.

On some days, I have found arbs ranging between 10-70%, and some of those had middles from 100-120%!

Admittedly, the middles are usually quite far-fetched. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a team like Levante to be 0-2 up at half time away at Barcelona! – but you never know.

The beauty is that a profit is already locked in, and, if there is a shock result, it gives you a big pay day.

Getting Down To Business

The software itself is pretty cool. The arbs refresh every 60 seconds, and there is a list of bookmakers you can set up to only show arbs within your bookmaker accounts.

I have accounts with all the UK bookmakers, and a few more that I bonus bagged 2 years ago. Using this filter cut down the arbs to around 25% of the total.

The Main Screen


MathBet Screen
MathBet Screen

Once you click on an arb, a new window opens like this:


MathBet Arb Screen
MathBet Arb Screen


From this window you can adjust the stakes to suit your bank and more importantly to round off the figures in order to try and disguise the arb.

You then the hit the “open all” tab, and a browser window opens up within Mathbet, like this:


MathBet Browser Window
MathBet Browser Window


The Mathbet browser navigates the bookmaker site and checks the odds. If the odds are still available, the browser will flag that the arb is OK with green indicators.

You can also set your username and password for each bookmaker, so the browser will log in automatically. Once the odds are verified, you can either place the bets manually, or you can click the “place bets” tab, and the browser will add the selection to your betslip.

You then just need to add your stake and submit each bet. Once the bets have been placed, the profit is locked in.

The biggest problem with arbs is the price moving before you can place the bets. I found that around 20% of arbs expired due to price changes, but that still left me with plenty of opportunities.


  • Excellent arbs with good %ages and plenty of them
  • 37 Bookmakers covered
  • Interesting arbs covering correct scores and/or 1st/2nd half results
  • Arb details allow adjustment of stakes to skew more profit to one side of the arb
  • Impressive browser which will check the odds, log in and select correct bets
  • Very good live support
  • Plenty of profits to be made using this software



  • The software seems to slow my PC right down
  • I have had the software crash 3 or 4 times in the past two weeks
  • Live support is only available between the hours of 8.00am – 3.00pm
  • The software doesn’t take into account Betfair commission, so care is needed with any arbs that require Betfair
  • The Mathbet browser also seems to be a little slow and has crashed a few times
  • The browser will not log in to certain sites, especially William Hill and and Coral
  • I also experienced problems with William Hill where all the odds need to be checked manually: so again care is needed.



I am very pleased with the Mathbet service, and the quality of the arbs it highlights.

The software could do with some tweaking to make it run smoother, and an option for Betfair commission would be nice.

I have placed 20 arbs in the past two weeks and have made a profit of £162.42 using, on average, £100 per arb, averaging out to around 8% per arb, which I think is fantastic.

Arbers who use much larger stakes could make a very good living using this software.

I have had a look at the subscription rates and they are as follows:

  • 1 day trial 12 euros
  • 1 Month 89 euros
  • 6 months 429 euros
  • 1 year 799 euros

I made 1 month’s subs in a week, using £100 stakes. So I will definitely be interested in signing up (especially if they can offer me a discounted rate!).

All in all Mathbet offers a fantastic service and is a must for any serious arber.

You can download my complete results log for the trial here.


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  1. Lucy says


    Thank you for a very professional review.

    I have added MathBet to my Passed Systems folder – the first addition for a very long time.

    It really is a polished product — though, as you point out, with one or two remaining wrinkles – and I think it genuinely changes the sports arbitrage game. It is very obviously designed to undercut Rebel Betting, and, at this price point, it’s hard to think of anything that comes close.

    The fact it’s so focussed on football is also of particular interest at this time of year.

    It’s encouraging to find something this good – so thanks again.


  2. James says

    Thanks for the review Mike and hello again Lucy. Im 100% sure arbing is a great way to make money but only in the very short term as you will get shut down/limited by most bookmakers. Also there are good free arbs to be found.

    • Lucy says


      This service covers 37 bookmakers, and more are being added all the time. Yes, accounts can be closed, but new ones can be opened too. It’s interesting that Mike only used 25% of the service, as he didn’t have accounts with most bookies involved. I would suggest that most punters rarely use more than a handful.

      I would also be very surprised if you could manually locate the cross-market arbs and middles that MathBet identifies. These are harder for the bookies to spot too, so they’re not readily flagged as arbitrage opportunities. Bookies are far more likely to close you down for the sorts of arbs you can find for yourself at Oddschecker.


  3. Andrew says

    I had a go at this early this year, my antivirus didn’t like it and it slowed my computer down way too much. I couldn’t find enough information about the program/founder and was suspicious at the time that it was harbouring something more malicious than arbitrage software and deleted it. Thoughts?

  4. Lucy says


    My thoughts are that this is a serious product designed to stake a claim to the premium arbitrage market. The cross-market stuff and middles make it a real contender. These are tough tricks to pull off, and, subject to a couple of wrinkles being ironed out, I think they’ve done it.

    Aleksandar Pesic, the founder, does appear to have an ambitious business plan, but I haven’t found any reason to be in any way suspicious. As with any software download, it pays to have antivirus software set up as a precaution, but I’m unaware of any specific issues.

    Unless you know different?



  5. Andrew says

    I was impressed by the arbs on offer, but I kept getting alerts from AVG and it was parts of the Mathbet application it was trying to delete. A much slower computer and anti virus alerts were enough to put me off.

    Wouldn’t want to put anybody else off buying though just because I may have jumped the gun. AVG has alerted to ‘serious threats’ before that I know are harmless.


  6. Dave says

    In most cases it’s the antivirus program itself conflicting with various programs which causes slow computers. Anti-virus software in general is notorious for CPU-hogging!

  7. Russ says

    Mike / Lucy

    I’ve purchased Mathbet for a month and my first day’s arbing was fine with c. £40 made from 5 arbs…today however every arb with the exception of one has had its odds changed on opening…i’m refreshing every 60 seconds so i’m opening as soon as available, do the bookies employ ‘arb spotters’ to try kill them?…i’ve e-mailed Mathbet and await a response…

  8. neil says

    I just want to put my tuppence worth into this debate re getting accounts shut; there are 1000+ arbs a day on this software, so why on earth would anyone feel they have to stake £100+ at a bookie? if you do £30 arbs a day, lets say at 5% profit, that’s £1.50, do 20 of these a day that’s £30, £900 a month. yes, not fantastic, but if you are using a couple of other things eg skew and golden key for similar stakes, then you are earning a very good monthly wage. if you are greedy and go for high stakes then you will likely get limited, yes you could earn 2000 in a few weeks but what is the point if you will be getting limited? at the end on the week, if you are in profit with any bookie, lump it on a stupid 1/5 favourite and lay off on betfair to keep the bookie happy. I do believe that bookies employ pro arb spotters but they won’t be looking at people spending £20 as arbers. this is what is great about skew too, it is eachway betting so that will mark you out as a non arber. i think the most sensible thing to do is to have these strats as your bread and butter living money, and have a higher risk portfolio to grow month on month.

  9. neil says

    maybe so, but there are other things you can do to keep them happy, eg maybe every week burn a fiver in the casino of a bookie you have used a lot or put a £2 stupid multiple on, and like I said before lumping money on a low odds fave, bookies love that. Never withdrawing your money either is a good one. if you do all of these things then really your bookie closures should be at a minimum; I’m pretty sure lucy said that she had been arbing for a long time and still has the majority of her accounts open (lucy can you corroborate…)

  10. Lucy says


    First things first — there’s a monster article & comment thread devoted to this very subject! See .

    I don’t intend to repeat that lot here but would add the following:

    1. Not all arbitrage is equal, as Neil suggests. The most obvious strategies — especially on new accounts — will attract the wrath of the bookies. But taking a sophisticated approach with established accounts (e.g. cross-market arbs plus laying off a few mug bets plus minimal withdrawals) is likely to help things last much longer.

    2. New accounts are especially vulnerable. I’m not entirely sure why but have received too many reader comments about instant closures to believe otherwise.

    3. There are several new-ish operators around at the moment (; Vernons’ Sportsbook; Betbright; Betfair’s Sportsbook) so it’s quite likely that many punters who say they’ve been limited by everybody could yet have a second bite of the cherry.

    And yes, I still have a dozen or so working accounts. Obviously, Pinnacle don’t count as they won’t limit you anyway, but the others I’m quite proud of!


    • Lucy says


      Sorry, I’ve just seen this comment!

      I think the simple answer is No. The Mathbet site explicitly stipulates that a Windows machine is received.


  11. Tony says

    Mathbet (MB) is a serious piece of kit. I am from an arbing background (started with Zerorisk Arbitrage) and the service in brackets was perhaps the best on the market at that time with the legendary ‘Arb Surfer’.

    THIS is something very special, and is not your typical, back and lay etc.

    If for example Manchester City were playing ROchadale in the FA Cup, who is likely to win? Rochdale fans please be quiet. It irks me to say – but Man City are likely to win. MB would scan all types of markets in the HC, U/O – you name it, they will have it, ranging for, your typical back between two or three bookies,up to12 or more bets. The good thing about this, is that you can ‘force’ an out come. FOr example, you want to lean towards Man City putting Rochdale to the sword, by scoring a bounty of goals, MB would give you the stakes to lean towards that outcome by allowing you to click ‘force outcome’. This should give you greater profit on what your personal preference is, or you will lose a few pence or make a few pence.

    My gripe, is not the whether the arb will be there (very important), it is the calculations with the complex arbs. It works it down to the last pence, but you can round it up. However, figures like £22, £31 etc etc are common. Not so many ending with round figures of £5 and £10 which gives you the idea of its longevity with bookmakers. Also, not comfortable with some of the bookmakers. Imagine putting on a complex arb only to find you can only put £5.00 on one bookie!!!!! Make sure you have your BF account up, and ready to back or lay, whatever the case might be.

    I doubt there will be many people here (could be wrong) who have retained all their bookie accounts or indeed been with MB from its inception.

    For me – short terms – simples

  12. Jon says

    Not convinced at all. You get 20 free arbs but thats not looking like enough to properly evaluate the service. I have clicked on 10 so far and its NOT promising. Out of that 10 only one would actually have worked. I was only looking at simple 2 or 3 bet 4 to 8% arbs so only finding 1 legit out of 10 is a bit disappointing.

    On some of the arbs i am finding the market isnt even offered on one of the sides. What the hell is that all about? On others price has moved (and the app is still saying the original odds several minutes later which makes a bit of a mockery of the claim about new arbs and updating).

    Another issue is that on the arb screen you can change the stake but you cant change the odds. This means if the odds have only slightly changed on the actual book you have to manually do a calculation out of the tool to see if its still profitable. You should be able to do this in the tools since time is valuable.

    So out of 10 arbs i clicked 5 were fakes (market didnt exist on one side), 4 the odds had moved (so it isnt refreshing like it says) and one was playable.

  13. david plant says

    like your website. can i ask is their any software out there that can arbitrage using betting exchanges only no bookies.thanks keep up the good work.


    dave plant.

  14. Tony says

    2017 Update.

    For those new to MAthbet….. I would not bother with the subscription at all. The Russian chap who owns it had the potential to make this huge. However…. either through lack of funds or he was bone idle, he has been left way behind the other arb services.

    I was able to put a few no loss high potential returns if the middle hits on quite a few occasions using his free service. I NEVER placed a position if the there were more than two bookmakers. The potential for something going wrong was big.

    His problems are the lack of bookmakers and the quality of bookmakers, some of who are not rated highly.

    Real shame that this chap didn’t put more effort in.

    My advice – get the free download and have a punt at the middles using two bookmakers only. Quite often you will be able to see the really BIG middles. I would not hand over a penny for his service until he gets his a** into action. Potential to be big, but I bet in 2018, 2019… it will be the same old same old. Potential never reached.

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