Martin’s Longshot System!

Those of you who read the comments on Legendary Daily Bet Banker here will know that Martin has a long shot system…

Well in the interests of balance (by which I mean, I’m fed up of dead certs letting me down on Legendary Banker!) , we’re going to test it here.    So this page belongs to Martin.   He will add his tips here each day, and update the results afterwards.    Bank is £500, win only, £10 stakes.

Martin has told me a bit more about the system but I must keep mum!    One thing I will say is that the odds will vary – a lot.    Martin takes no account of odds in his selections, and indeed tries not even to look at the tissue prices (which must be sooo tempting!).

So over to you Martin…  and good luck :)

love Lucy xx

Final System Update, 14/01/2012

Well another long-running trial comes to a close.   Martin started posting his tips back in July 2011, and has patiently kept doing so ever since.   However, he has decided to take a break, and he does so with my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Martin’s final selection, Parting Shot, finished out of the places, so the final scores on the doors, after six months of testing, are as follows:

SP bank finishes at £307.50. Down £192.50.
BSP bank now stands at £470. Down £30 (after 5% Betfair commission)


The slightly frustrating part of this summary is that these figures don’t really tell the whole story.    Some of Martin’s selections steamed a very long way, per Martin’s comment here, and picking jus’ one of these at an early price would have been the difference between a £30 loss and a handsome overall profit.

I feel I have to place this system into the Neutral folder for now however, and hope and pray I can persuade Martin to make a glorious return in future, bringing with him a whole swathe of new winning longshots!

I cannot close this trial down without also recognising Martin’s unbelievable persistence through one or two long, dry patches.   I hate to admit it, but I am not that good at being that patient!  He really has been an example to all of us who wish to attain greater betting success.

So good luck and thanks Martin …. I hope to see you on my site again real soon!


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  1. Martin says

    Chris has made a valid point in that Postscript was very short odds. The problem is that i make my selections the night before when there are no s/p forecasts available. I do this so as not to be influenced by the forecast betting. I did anticipate more longshots. I got it wrong.

    Having said that, Lucy is also correct in that we have hade some steamers. Notably Daaweitza which won at 9/2 but was available at 16/1 and Spa’s Dancer a 7/2 that was available at 10/1 and Lucky Windmill 9/1 from 12/1 and Crimson Queen into 5/1.

    Due to other commitments i am going to have to put things on hold for now. But as a parting shot i will be backing Perfect Shot tomorrow (3.00 Lingfield Friday 13th Jan).

  2. Chris says

    Hi Martin, it is tricky making selections the night before I agree, I’ve tried it before with backing and laying and it can change so much and often left me feeling that I’ve lost when I’ve won!. Hopefully hear from you again on here soon. Good luck with whatever it is your up to.

    Please please please send a record of results to Lucy when you have a mo, I may be able to improve the returns!

  3. Lucy says

    Martin’s final selection, Perfect Shot, finished out of the places, so the final scores on the doors are as follows:

    SP bank finishes at £307.50. Down £192.50.
    BSP bank now stands at £470. Down £30.

    I have added some ‘final system remarks’ above.


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