Magic Backing Bot – Trial of Automated Betting Software

Well this is a new one. :-)

The idea of automated betting software is almost heresy to me.    I really enjoy hunting around for bets, and feel it’s both an art and science.    And I have to admit, there is nothing quite as satisfying as being proved right when an unlikely punt comes home in front.

So – I suppose all that’s tantamount to a slightly embarrassing admission that the ego does play a part in betting.   But anyway, moving swiftly on!….. maybe, jus’ maybe, all this betting vanity is misplaced.   After all, computers do everything nowadays…. so maybe they can pick winners too?

All of which explains why I am trialling the Magic Backing Bot.    Part of me really wants this to work… I mean, it would save a lot of time for a start!   But another part of me hopes, for reasons I don’t wish to analyse too closely, that it falls flat on its face…

Anyway, it’s all installed and good to go.   Set-up couldn’t be easier.    And the first run will be on Saturday afternoon…..

Time to find out if human tipsters are a thing of the past!



Update 12/11/2011

OK, testing starts today.    Some further reflections before we begin –

  • It’s not really clear to me how the selections themselves are identified by the system: maybe it will all became apparent once we’re up and running??  There is a daily download into a selections table that rather suggests that, behind the scenes, there may after all be a human tipster working his way through today’s copy of the Racing Post with a pencil!   Surely not?? :-)
  • Magic Backing Bot provides a testing mode as a sort of electronic paper trade, but I’m not really sure how valid a test it is.  In particular, I want to understand at what odds we get matched: and, as far as I can see, the only way to do so is to place real bets.   So…. I am breaking my own rules by risking real money on a totally unproven proposition!  Honestly, the things I do for you boys! :-)
  • I intend to place small bets @ £2 per point, using the Magic Backing Bot’s own staking system.   They do make quite a bit of fuss about this in their manual, though, as far as I can see, it is a pretty straightforward ‘capped ratcheting’ system.    Stakes are raised during winning sequences until a maximum level is reached, at which point bets are placed at the same level until we hit a loser.   We then drop back to the minimum stake and start again.
  • I have to confess to more than a little nervousness at keying my Betfair login details into anything other than Betfair.   What’s to stop the system authors using my card details to empty my bank account?!    And yet, for some reason I’ve done it, and my bank account is so far untouched…
  • There is a further hidden cost of the system in that (fairly obviously I guess) you have to leave your computer switched on all day, using power even when you’re away from home.   And of course you have to suspend any ‘go to sleep’ options on your PC.   None of which is the end of the world, but still needs to be factored into the overall investment case.


OK, time to switch on…

Everything crossed as ever,



Final Update and Trial Conclusions, 5/12/2011

Although the trial was shorter than I’d ideally have liked, running for a shade over three weeks, I still feel we are able to draw some general conclusions.   And overall, I have to say that I have been disappointed by the Magic Backing Bot, and therefore have to consign it to my Failed Systems folder.

We actually managed to place an astonishing 71 bets in this short, intense period, and, according to the Magic Backing Bot support people, should actually have had more – but for the mysterious (and still completely unexplained) missing bets.

Amongst those 71 bets, we had 19 winners, which, at £2 a point, delivered a final system balance of-£25.92, or -12.96 points.   The strike rate was around 27%, which is too low for short-priced tips such as the ones provided.

Most of my concerns were initially voiced in my comments to Paul on 22 November (see below), however I would summarize as follows:

  • I don’t feel comfortable exposing my personal, financial information, and my Betfair login details, to a third party.   If I am to do so, there needs to be an extraordinarily good reason, and sadly the Magic Backing Bot did not provide me with one.
  • There were differences between the results I got, and the results reported on the system author’s log. In particular, the Bot inexplicably “missed” bets that should have occurred in the middle of my betting day – something which I found particularly galling when the bets in question had been on horses that came home in front.
  • The Bot often secured odds below Betfair SP.   As far I can tell, it is not designed in such a way as to take advantage of the long periods of time it has prior to the off to secure attractive odds – surely, a missed opportunity?
  • I don’t like having to leave my computer on all day, burning power and money for no benefit.   And the fact that BSP could have often delivered better odds than the Bot made me wonder why we bothered having a software robot at all!   Why not simply send me a list of selections to place at BSP before switching off and going out in the morning?
  • There was a general feeling of instability about the product, with many software downloads being required during the trial.   The whole point of a product like this should be its ease of use, but I found myself re-loading the software so often, sometimes on successive days, that it became quite annoying.

In summary though, my biggest objection to the Magic Backing Bot is simply that I don’t understand the
point of it.   I had expected to find that either the tipping or bet pricing processes would somehow exploit the power of software – but they didn’t.    Instead, the tips appear to have been picked by an unnamed (and presumably human) tipster, who sometimes listed them first thing in the morning at the foot of the previous day’s performance report.   And the odds we secured did not, as has been noted, appear to show much sign of ‘software intelligence’.

It has been a frustrating few weeks and I have to say I’m quite relieved it’s over.   I genuinely do hope that the people who subscribe to the Bot make a lot of money, but on the evidence of this trial, I see little reason to believe that they will.

Ultimately, short trials (even those that produce 71 selections!) can only offer ‘reasons to believe’ rather than categorical proof that they work.   But there is no basis for such faith here, not just because we lost money, but because of the way in which we did so. Reluctantly therefore – as I had really hoped to like the Magic Backing Bot – I have to put it into my ‘Failed Systems’ category.


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  1. Lucy says

    After all that… just two selections today, both of which lost!

    Both races were at Uttoxeter – Mistoffelees in the 12.25, and Lucky Lukey in the 1.30.

    Early days of course…. more tomorrow x

  2. Lucy says

    Our inauspicious start continues…. only one matched selection today, with Super Directa finishing second in the 1.30 @ Fontwell. It was matched @ 3.2.

    As was the case yesterday, half a dozen or so unmatched selections appear in the Magic Backing Bot’s log… Whether the underlying selection process is automated or not (and there would appear to be no way of knowing), the software certainly seems fussy about the odds it takes!

    Generally speaking, I would approve of such an approach, but none of the odds we’ve secured to date seem particularly sparkling. Mistoffelees was backed at 4.2 for instance, however I saw odds of 4.4 during the couple of minutes I was looking yesterday for my Arb of the Week feature….

    I would have to be spectacularly lucky to have seen better odds in a two-minute inspection of the market than a bot that can spend all day watching the same thing. Which rather suggests that the software doesn’t work in this way. And indeed it turns out that there is a system option to specify when the bet is submitted…. I know this now as I received an email today from the system authors asking me to modify the setting “seconds before off to place trade” to at least 240….

    So – the software doesn’t benefit from having all that time to pick its moment but instead submits bets a few minutes before the race. Which rather begs the question, why?!

    Early days of course – £6 down so far.


  3. Lucy says

    Confusingly, following yesterday’s single loser, I received an email from Magic Backing Bot claiming they had “just the 3 matched selections … with 1 winner for a loss of 2.12 points to the magic staking plan and a loss of 1.13 points to level stakes”.

    I therefore wrote to their support guys who, to their credit, replied almost immediately to say: “apologies for the discrepancies with the matched selections but the upgrade to the bot has now fixed the problem and you should get the same matched selections as the results spreadsheet.”

    And indeed I received an upgraded version of the software today… so hopefully no more mix-ups in the reporting!

    Sadly, there has been no more luck today with two more losers :-(

    Leicester – 13:20 Bookem Danno Price 4.20 Stake £2.00, LOST
    Plumpton – 13:00 Turbo Du Ranch Price 5.20, Stake £2.00, LOST

    Balance is now -£10.


  4. Lucy says

    Jus’ the 1 selection yesterday – or more accurately, jus’ the one MATCHED selection, as we continue to get plenty of unmatched ones….

    Lark’s Lad finished second in the 2.40 @ Fakenham, costing me another £2, and bringing the balance down to -£12.

    Yet to have a winner, but we have had two fresh software versions to install this week! Hardly the set-and-forget story I was hoping for….

    Hopefully better today.


  5. Chris says

    Not sure what these ‘bots’ are about, are they making selections based on value regardless of the actual chance of winning? That doesn’t seem a good basis for a system to me.

    Are you recording the results of the unmatched bets to see how they perform in comparison?

    Do you have to follow their selections or can you adapt it for your own methods?

    • Lucy says


      I’m not sure what bots are about either! But I guess that’s one of the things I’m trying to find out…

      In answer to your questions…

      1. I have no idea how the selections are made. It doesn’t appear that the software is making them though; instead they are downloaded into the programme every morning, so that it can then try and match them at whatever odds the “tipster” (whether human or otherwise) has determined to be appropriate.

      2. No, I am not recording the results of unmatched bets as they don’t strictly seem relevant, and there are oodles of them. It would take too long for little value. My opinion is that what gets staked is what matters, especially as I am using real money! (though admittedly only small amounts).

      3. I cannot add my own selections via the bot, but I am free to review the system selections prior to the race, and discard any I don’t like – in which case they will be suppressed (unless of course they have already been submitted and matched). It is of course entirely up to me to choose to run the bot in the first place!

      And the good news is (big drum roll…) that we finally have a winner!

      In fact, glory be, we actually have TWO! For there were two selections on Wednesday, and both came home in front. Interestingly the stake was doubled by the software on the second one, so we also made a little more than I might have expected, as follows:

      At Hexham, in the 1.10, Lightening Rod won at odds of 4.9, returning winnings of £7.41 for my £2 stake after commission….

      …and also at Hexham, in the 2.10, Dusky Bob won at odds of 3.95, which, with a £4 stake, returned a profit of £11.21 after commission.

      We thus added £18.62 on Wednesday, thereby putting us in the black with a balance of +£6.62. :-)

      Thursday was a total anti-climax with no matched selections.

      Interestingly, both of Wednesday’s winners were matched below BSP! So hardly a triumph for the matching engine…. but hey, we’re ahead!


  6. Lucy says

    It turns out that, according to the Magic Backing Bot’s own progress report, on Thursday I should have had FOUR matches, instead of none at all. I therefore whizzed off a note to their (very responsive) support people, who questioned whether or not I had the correct hibernation/sleep settings on my PC.

    Turns out that yes I did have the right settings, so there is no explanation for the lack of matches. I will keep an eye out for recurrence, but it adds to a sense of unpredictability about this product.

    Luckily for me, all four horses lost!

    I did wonder whether I should count them in my system balance but I have decided not to… Certainly if they had won, I wouldn’t have claimed the winnings for the system balance, but would have been much more upset about the erratic bot!

    There was fortunately one selection that got matched on Friday. In the 12.50 @ Haydock, Remember Now was matched at an unappealing 3.15, and promptly came last of 12. The BSP was 3.52, and the stake was £6, so our running total is now precisely +£0.62…

    I can’t help noting that my dismal run with A P McCoy continued – he was on board Remember Now, and of course duly bombed, as he always does when I am backing him…


  7. Tyler says

    Twas a lay Lucy……all day. Watching this with great interest…surely there can’t truly be a profitable automated system? It would be like gold dust and sell for thousands.

    • Lucy says

      Yes, it’s such an intoxicating idea…. you wake up, you switch on your computer, it makes you some money, you switch off, you go to bed.

      Tomorrow – rinse and repeat.

      I jus’ keep thinking – surely it can’t work – but it’s an irresistible idea!


  8. mary says

    im using as a lay system and that doesnt work either. im going to try it as a place bet system at level stakes. 2 loses on the trot and im out

    • Lucy says

      Hello Mary

      Welcome to my site. It’s nice to have another lady on board :).

      Amused by your post…. I’m not entirely sure I know what to do with this system to be honest! It worries me that I don’t seem to get the same selections as the support staff at Magic Backing Bot.. have you noticed if the bets you are getting are the same or different from those sent out on their daily email??


  9. Lucy says


    Huntingdon – Supreme de Paille – 12.40 – won @ 3.6 to a stake of £4, returning £9.88 after commission.
    Huntingdon – Iriss Flyer – 3.30 – lost @ 4.9 to a stake of £6, returning -£6.


    Towcester – Dot or Feather – 2.45 – lost @ 4.7 to a £4 stake, returning -£4.
    Exeter – Knight Pass – 3.00 – won @ 2.5 to a £2 stake, returning £2.85 after commission

    Net profit for the weekend is £2.73, bringing our system balance to £3.35. Or +1.675 points if you prefer.


  10. Lucy says


    5 losers out of 5.. :-(

    Time Course Selection Stake Price Result Amt
    14:25:00 ffos las Stormhoek £4.00 4.1 -£4.00
    14:50:00 ludlow Wrapitupboys £2.00 3.7 -£2.00
    15:00:00 ffos las My Bro Sylvest £2.00 5.2 -£2.00
    15:10:00 kempton Inside Dealer £2.00 3.85 -£2.00
    15:30:00 ffos las This Way £2.00 3.85 -£2.00

    The system balance is therefore now negative, falling to -£8.65.


    • Lucy says


      It is early days but yes I do know what you mean. There are enough concerns here to make me wonder whether we should be continuing for long, e.g.

      – the need to expose my Betfair login details to a third party
      – the differences between the bets placed on my PC and those reported on the author’s results log
      – the disappointing odds secured by the bot
      – the fact I have to leave my computer on all day, using power (does anyone know how much it costs to power a laptop for a single 12 hour day??)

      But then the secret of betting is patience, and we really have only jus’ got started…..


  11. Paul says

    Hi Lucy, I think your concerns are valid ones. I read in the past that a laptop uses a similar wattage as a light bulb so not huge and certainly nowhere near as high as a desktop unit.

    I think another point worth raising is the hype surrounding this bot. I don`t know about you but I must have been spammed with the offer over half a dozen times from different sources yet their is clearly some little issues that you raised that need ironing out. The bet matching odds that are being secured sounds worrying and as we know can make the difference between a decent day and a mediocre one.

    As I said, I hope I am totally wrong, it works well and people continue after their free trial.

    • Lucy says

      Well you’re right there Paul, there certainly has been a lot of hype… which I guess is why we need to do careful trials… :)

      At the moment however, there is little direction to this particular trial. We won £1.41 this afternoon, thereby lifting the balance back to -£7.24.

      We had three selections as follows

      1.20 – Darna ; staked £2.00 @ 4.9; won £7.41.
      2.20 – Chestnut Ben; staked £2.00 @ 4.4 ; lost £2

      1.30 – Kings Counsel ; staked £4 @ 5.1; lost £4.


  12. Lucy says


    Another positive day….

    12:40 Fontwell Financial Climate, BET £2, ODDS 3.2, WON £4.18 after 5% comm.
    13:30 Wetherby Hazy Tom, BET £4, ODDS 2.5, WON £5.70 after 5% comm.
    14:00 Wetherby Prosecco, BET £6, ODDS 3, LOST £6.00.

    So a profit of £3.88 on the day, or 1.94 points if you prefer, bringing the balance back towards parity at -£3.36 (or -1.68 points).


  13. Chris says

    Its only been a couple of weeks since you started so it could pick up, but the thing that represents the most uncertainty is the fact that its not a tipster or a manual system, its an alien, its another robot taking over another part of your life and if it malfunctions it could take over the world and destroy us all. Get rid of it Lucy, get rid of it now before its too late….save humanity save yourself.

    On the other hand, it could make you an absolute fortune and allow you to spend the rest of your life sipping whatever it is you like to sip on a yacht (thanks spellcheck) of your choice, cruising from one sunny shore to another.


  14. Lucy says

    This morning I received the following slightly worrying email from the Magic Backing Bot people:

    “There will be a forced upgrade when you go to log into the bot today and this is to fix the problem of selections not getting matched at odds of under 2.0.

    The explanation for this is : Version Bug fix where the bot was erroneously rounding to nearest integer value when submitted a back bet to the Betfair API.

    My apologies for yet another upgrade but one of the reasons we have a free trial period with the bot and encourage users to trial in test mode or to minimum stakes in live mode before subscribing is because there will be problems to iron out when the bot is being used by multiple users for the first time.

    There are over 2,500 people trialling the bot and although we will only be offering a limited amount of subscriptions once the free trial period is over, the excessive amount of trialists are what has caused some of the problems with the bot.”

    Although I must confess I don’t entirely follow the technical explanation, there is a slightly worrying implication here that it is not in fact jus’ the punters who are trialling this software, but also the programmers themselves – hence: “one of the reasons we have a free trial period with the bot …. is because there will be problems to iron out when the bot is being used by multiple users for the first time.”! Well, I suppose we have to congratulate the software developers on their candour!

    Unfortunately, the software download & setup process didn’t work, leading to a couple of computer restarts and a fresh download… and at last, success. All of which means it is now 3.30pm and I have only got started. So my trial today may not match the full results of anyone who has been running the bot all day today.

    Now I’m in the bot, I’m surprised to see there aren’t any selections for the rest of today – maybe I missed the whole party and didn’t jus’ arrive late!?

    Effortless though this ain’t….



    • Lucy says

      Well maybe you’re right Chris! Because in the end there were no selections at all today – though I suspect this is an error, because on previous selection-free days, there have always been “potential” selections that were subsequently unmatched. Today there were none of those: so maybe the software download problem somehow affected the whole process.

      Better luck tomorrow – not a great experience today, it has to be said.


  15. Chris says

    The only thing I can think of by them saying that they were aware that problems would occur, is that they wanted to see what problems the problems would create!

    The testing seems to be just that.

    How much of your time does it take and how much time do you imagine it will take once you’ve got the hang of it?

    • Lucy says

      Well when it works, it hardly takes any time at all. You switch on your computer, fire up the software, key in your Betfair log-in user name and password (still not at all comfortable with this!!), and off it goes. Oh, you also have to select whether you are in live or test mode, then press the ‘Start Bot’ button. And Bob’s your, er, father’s brother as I understand you English say. :)

      Trouble is, we’ve had so many glitches so far that it hasn’t yet settled down into a smooth experience…


  16. Lucy says

    Well this afternoon, the system settled down and delivered no less than six selections, which I think is the most we have had in any one day. Unfortunately, all six lost, so our slow climb back towards parity is over, and our balance instead reached a new low of -£15.36.

    I don’t think there are any more selections due this evening, as the ‘selections queue’ is blank.

    The selections were as follows:


    12:50 Boston Blue, odds taken = 5, BSP was 4.8.
    15:05 Chicago Outfit, odds taken = 3.95, BSP was 4.26.


    13:35 Cue Card, odds taken = 3.3, BSP was 3.33.
    14:10 Sollim, odds taken = 4.1, BSP was 3.56.
    15:50 Mono Man, odds taken = 2.3, BSP was 2.52.


    14:55 Amazing Star, odds taken = 2.86, BSP = 2.9.

    It bothers me that of six selections, only two achieved odds in excess of BSP. I am leaving this bot running all day, with access to my Betfair account, and I am not sure why. Wouldn’t it be easier for the tipster merely to email me half a dozen tips in the morning, that I submit at BSP before switching off and leaving the house?

    Finally, I almost forgot to say that I received no daily Magic Backing Bot update email this morning. It is almost as if Thursday didn’t happen… no software, no selections, no report. What’s even weirder is that, if you scroll up, last Thursday was also a dead day, with four selections disappearing down into our new-found Thursday-only Bermuda Triangle!

    Is Chris right and the alien software is quietly devouring time and space, but only on Thursdays?

    Or has Lucy merely had one glass too many of a particularly good chianti, and really should get off to bed?? :)


  17. Lucy says

    To cap off Friday’s disappointment, the official Magic Backing Bot report that was issued to subscribers on Saturday morning actually listed SEVEN not six selections for the previous day. And according to the official report, the seventh one had won!

    One thing’s for sure…. I did not miss the winning bet on account of the Bot being switched off at the time of the race, as the selection in question occurred in the middle of all the other bets. Baaher won the 1.15 at Musselburgh, with the bot supposedly securing odds of 4.5. Only not for me!

    Typically, the Betfair SP for Baaher was 5.72, so once again the bot delivered dismal returns for the missing winner.

    I have had no explanation for the missing bets, but they have been a repeated feature of this trial. However, it makes me wonder if this is something that the software programmers can ever actually fully control: for surely Betfair liquidity must come into it eventually? As far as I can see, the only way the bot could ever guarantee to secure a bet would be for it to take Betfair SP every time. And if it did so, we’d probably end up with better returns anyway.

    This weekend has been another case in point. There have been ten more selections (on my PC anyway – though I have yet to hear the Bot company’s version of events), with only one winner. But of those 10 bets, only 3 times did the bot secure better odds than BSP.

    So I repeat my point – why doesn’t the tipster merely mail out his selections in the morning and let punters submit them manually at BSP? It would save all the endless, tedious mucking about with software downloads, and eliminate the requirements to leave your PC switched on all day, and expose your personal financial information to complete strangers.

    This weekend’s results have been as follows:



    1.55 Sydney Paget @ 2.32, £2 staked, won and returned winnings of £2.51 after commission. BSP was 2.22.

    3.00 Johns Spirit @ 3.8, £4 staked, lost. BSP was 4.


    12.35 Danny John Boy @ 4.8, lost. BSP was 5.96.

    1.10 Allthekingshorses @ 2.7, lost. BSP was 2.74.


    12.25 Mister Hyde @ 2, lost. BSP was 2.04.

    1.35 Twentyfourcarat @ 2.3, lost. BSP was 2.33.



    12.50 Vintage Star @ 4.7, lost. BSP was 4.15.

    1.55 Mountain Hiker @ 3.7, lost. BSP was 3.47.

    3.00 Chester Lad @ 3.6, lost. BSP was 3.8.


    2.10 Not Til Monday @ 4.4, lost. BSP was 4.4.

    This brings the system balance down to a new low of -£32.85, or -16.43 points. Very disappointing.


  18. Lucy says

    Monday’s results are below, with each row showing: time, horse, odds taken, stake, profit after commission.


    14:00 Hunt Ball 2.94 £2.00 £3.69
    14:35 Storm Survivor 2.00 £4.00 £3.80

    Ffos Las
    13:15 Thelobstercatcher 3.40 £2.00 -£2.00

    This represents a profit of £5.49, bringing the balance up to -£27.36.

    As a footnote to Sunday, the Magic Backing Bot company report an additional bet that the bot did not place on my PC. It was Frascati Park in the 13:20, and as before, it won. Also, exactly as occurred the last time we had a ‘missing’ bet, it should have been placed in the middle of my losing sequence, so is not a result of me having shut down for the day.

    I am certainly not accusing the Bot company of making up bets. However I would like to understand once and for all how bets can be missed by the bot but recorded on the results log.

    Obviously I am not counting the missing bet towards the system balance.

    For the record, I also had to do yet another software download this morning. When these happen, they are not optional, though it must be said that today’s version was quick and easy to install. Still, the sheer number of upgrades, and the comments made earlier by the Bot company regarding “problems to iron out when the bot is being used by multiple users” make me at least question the stability of the software.

    This has not been the easiest of trials. It’s frustrating as I so want it to work, but so far it’s proven difficult to remain positive.


  19. Lucy says

    To my amazement, I actually had to do yet another software download this morning, only 24 hours after the last one. What makes this particularly ridiculous is that the Bot found no selections yesterday, so yesterday’s download was utterly pointless.

    The trial is nearing completion, and I can only say I’m glad. It has, for the most part, been a frustrating experience.


  20. Lucy says

    Another shapeless couple of days, with no real upward or downward momentum.


    13:30 Catterick Cuban Piece lost @ 3.45, stake £6, profit -£6.00
    13:50 Hereford Gullinbursti won @ 2.72, stake £4, profit after comm. £6.54
    14:20 Hereford Tsarinova lost @ 4.20, stake £6, profit -£6.00
    14:30 Catterick D’Gigi lost @ 3.10, stake £4, profit -£4.00
    15:00 Catterick Flinty Bay lost @ 1.98, stake £2, profit -£2.00
    15:40 Uttoxeter Another Miracle lost @ 2.76, stake £2, profit -£2.00


    12:50 Market Rasen Philharmonic Hall lost @ 2.78, stake £2, profit -£2.00
    13:10 Wincanton Water Garden won @ 2.20, stake £2, profit after comm. £2.28
    13:40 Wincanton Duke Of Lucca won @ 3.35, stake £4, profit after comm. £8.93
    14:10 Wincanton Tarquinius lost @ 4.89, stake £6, profit -£6.00
    14:25 Market Rasen Lucky Landing lost @ 5.20, stake £4, profit -£4.00
    14:35 Leicester Amuse Me won @ 4.90, stake £4, profit after comm. £14.82
    15:20 Wincanton Stagecoach Danman lost @ 5.20, stake £4, profit -£4.00

    Overall a loss of £3.43, bringing the balance to a disappointing -£30.79. Or, if you prefer, in total we have lost 15.4 points.


  21. Lucy says


    I know, it’s so difficult to be positive about the product after this trial, as it hasn’t only under-performed but has also been a pain to live with. We could do with a longer trial really, but the supplier is unlikely to give us much longer, so I am going to struggle to recommend it. I will write a summary when we finally reach the end in a few days’ time.

    In the meantime, here are Friday’s results. We had four selections at Sandown, and another at Exeter on Friday, as the system traded sideways as follows:


    12:50 Traitor, lost @ 1.87, stake £2, profit -£2.00

    13:20 Trafalgar Road, won @ 4.80, stake £2, profit after comm. £7.22

    13:55 Fingal Bay, won @1.91, stake £4, profit after comm. £3.46

    14:30 Bostons Angel, lost @ 3.20, stake £4, profit -£4.00


    14:05 Ambion Wood, lost @ 3.15, stake £4, profit -£4.00.

    All of which produced a profit of £0.68, bringing the balance to -£30.11.



  22. Lucy says

    A much better day on Saturday, but is it too little, too late?

    There were seven selections in total, giving the following results:


    12.10 Flemi Two Toes, lost @ 4.4, stake £2, profit after comm. -£2.00
    2.55 Bubbly Breeze, lost @ 3.75, stake £4, profit after comm. -£4.00


    12.55 Knight Pass, lost @ 1.76, stake £2, profit after comm. -£2.00
    1.25 Poungach, won @ 3.45, stake £4, profit after comm. £9.31


    1.00 Teaforthree, won @ 4.9, stake £2, profit after comm. £7.41
    1.30 Rojo Vivo, lost @ 4.5, stake £4, profit after comm. -£4.00


    2.45 Master of the Hall, won @ 2.44, stake £4, profit after comm. £5.47.

    Overall, we won £10.19, or 5.09 points, bringing the system balance up to -£19.92, or, if you prefer, -9.96 points.


  23. Lucy says


    Well, Sunday 4th December appears to have been the final day of the trial, as I am now (Mon 5th) locked out of the service – unless of course I am prepared to pay for a continuation. Sadly, I have to report that I am not that tempted….

    Sunday finished, appropriately enough, in a manner that typified the general feeling of the whole trial, with jus’ 3 selections at Kelso, all of which came into the ‘nearly but not quite’ category:

    12.30 Merchant of Dubai – 2nd @ odds of 4.7, stake £2

    13.00 Blenheim Brook – 2nd @ odds of 3.5, stake £2

    13.30 Flaygray – 3rd @ odds of 5.2, stake £2.

    We therefore lost a further £6, bringing the final system balance to -£25.92, or -12.96 points.

    My conclusions are summarized in a final note dated 5th Dec further up this page.


  24. Paul says

    Lucy, thank you very much for your thorough review. It appears you certainly was not on your own with your mixed comments as yesterday I read another review which certainly wasn`t glowing.

    What amuses me is that I have just been sent another promo email for the bot stating that it`s generated 22 points profit for the 5 days into this month! :)

    • Lucy says


      Thanks for the feedback – I feel quite exhausted by this trial!

      I haven’t actually read any other reviews and have simply recorded the results as I’ve experienced them. Given that I know my results differed from the official log, it’s difficult to comment on other people’s tests. I did see the email claim about 22 points in 5 days but all I can say is that

      a) I was unable to access the Bot yesterday (Monday) when 12.96 points were made. Thus I cannot verify this would have been achieved in practice.
      b) According to the official spreadsheet that was attached to the email I received, the Bot balance was 544.4 points at the start of December, and had reached 564.03 by the 5th. This would appear to suggest an improvement of 19.64 points, not 22, even according to the Magic Backing Bot’s own data.
      c) My main reasons for putting this system in the Failed category are not simply to do with the profit or loss achieved, but relate more fundamentally to the way the system has been designed, and the way that it operates day to day.


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