Lucy’s Portfolio Store – Now Open!

We’ve now so many exclusive tested products here at Lay Back, I thought it was time to put them into a single portfolio and open a shop!

So… Welcome to my store! 😀

Lucy's Store
My Portfolio Store :)

SkewTrader Pro

SkewTrader Pro
SkewTrader Pro

Ah, SkewTrader Pro. My baby. :)

I originally christened Skew the “system that ruthlessly exploits a leak that is hardwired into the UK’s betting market, to deliver a stream of ultra low-risk profits”. 

And I’m as proud of it now as I was when I came up with version 1 back in 2012.

It typically throws up three trading opportunities a day – some days more, some days less. They’re easy to spot, and, with the tools that come with SkewTrader Pro, easy to exploit too.

You can get more detail by clicking here.

SkewTrader is available until 31st May 2016 for the amazing knock-down price of £39. If you live in the UK, you also pay no VAT. Find out more here!

Roberto’s Tips

My friend Roberto :)
My friend Roberto :)

Roberto has delivered consistent, steady profits over the two and a half year period he’s been providing selections here at Lay Back.

His service has only ever been in profit since it re-launched at the start of the 2014/15 season. And yet over that period, it has delivered an ROI of 8.3%.

Roberto has provided an object lesson in cautious, fuss-free betting.

>>> To get involved, please write to <<<

Get My Very Own Automated  Backing And Laying Spreadsheets – With Performance Analysis Thrown In!


Do you have an idea for a winning backing or laying system?

Maybe you’re not sure how to test it and record your results accurately – and then analyse them in Excel?

If so, you need my great value results analysis spreadsheets. Get them and  you’ll be reeling off those winning systems in no time at all!

My definitive backing and laying results spreadsheets cost just £5 + VAT each, and they will help you finally get serious about your betting.  

Both spreadsheets provide oodles of automated calculations and analysis to wheedle out those annoying spreadsheet errors.

And they will help you understand your ROI, strike rate and bank growth.

You can read the Backing User Guide for free here and the Laying Guide, also free, here.

You can even compare performance against Betfair SP to work out the right way to play your system.

The backing spreadsheet is for sale here for just £5 + VAT…

…and the laying spreadsheet is available here for the same price:

Better still, my spreadsheets are covered by my usual 45-day no-quibble warranty – plus I give you all the help you need to get started…. so what are you waiting for?


Over the four and a half years of running this site, I’ve talked a lot about portfolio betting.

I even wrote a book about it and called it Rollingstone.

Well, now you can finally construct your very own Lay Back portfolio!

I would like to welcome all new customers – and would love to hear what you think of our services. Just drop me an email anytime to


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