Laying System Trials

Laying is a relatively new concept in the sports betting world. It allows you to “be the bookie”, accepting bets from other punters on a peer-to-peer basis at the exchange.


Laying systems allow you to adopt the role of bookmaker
Laying systems allow you to adopt the role of bookmaker


Laying systems, as defined here, come in two flavours.

1. Advisory services, where the customer receives details of selections to lay, usually on a daily basis. An ongoing subscription fee usually applies.

2. Rules-based approaches or systems that the punter learns to use, then operates for themselves. A one-off cost is more common in this case.


I have concluded the following laying system trials.

Ben’s Football Lays – specialist football tips provided only on my site by Ben.

DreamLaysa horse racing laying service that has been around for a very long time.

Eleanors Place Lays – free laying tips in the place market from Elly, focussing on all-weather racing only.

False Favourites – a popular laying system supplied in a manual of around 200 pages.

Fancy Fillies a horse racing method based on a single, fundamental idea.

Favourite Lays – a horse racing advisory service concentrating on favourites.

Football Bank Builder – a new soccer-based system from the people who brought you Little Acorns (see below).

Footy Lay Profits – Betting Gods’ extremely straightforward soccer laying service.

Gary’s Lays horse racing lay bets, from our specialist tipster, Gary.

Lay Bet Dominator – Winningmore’s offering in the world of laying horses.

Lay Lucy Lay (one of mine!) – a successful public trial I ran of my own horse racing selections.

Layer Of Profit – a “one lay a day” tipster service for UK horse racing.

Little Acornsan evergreen laying method that aims to build your betting bank slowly.

Lucrative’s Lay The Favouritethe Lucrative Racing Trust’s laying product.

Lucky Strikes – a free laying service from a long-term site user.

Michael’s Place Lay Formula – an unusual approach that concentrates on the place markets.

Picking Donkeys – a good-value laying service that comes with a long track record.

Pro Betting Club’s Lay Analyst – a  lay tipster service with a remarkable claimed performance history.

Pro Betting Club’s Losers To Winners – a maths-based laying product that promises a high strike rate.

Prudent Place Lays Profit  a novel laying bot from Winningmore.

Slow Hand Lays – an intriguing service that couldn’t initially decide whether it was a trading or laying product.

Tyler Jordan’s Laying Service – a guest tipster’s free laying service.

UK Racing Lays – a laying service for UK horse races that aims for a very high strike rate.

ZeroHype Lays – a horse racing system from the ZeroHype team.

ZH Subscribe – ZeroHype’s laying service for world football.

I am also currently running the following live trials.

Lay With Nay – a statistics-based service that’s only available at Lay Back And Get Rich.

Profit From Racing – An appealing laying product from Adrian Wilkes.

SportsTrading.Guru – the creation of Neil Curtis, who believes he has found a way to make money by laying the draw in football matches.

Wayne’s Lay Betting – our very own in-house horse racing lay tipster is publishing free live tips to prove his product.


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  1. steve tinsley says

    hey guys just a short note to ask this. new to this so please forgive my stupidity!
    say i lay 4/5 horses in a 10 horse race, is it that if the fav wins [which i have layed] and the liability is say £8 i no thats my loss, but do i win on the others i have layed? so in fact it would go like this, i lose the £8 on the winner but win say £22 on the other lays, therefore deducting the £8 from the £22 givng me a profit of £14?

    • Lucy says


      Yes you do win on the others you have layed – but be careful to ensure you net the wins and losses off correctly.

      If you’re unsure, I suggest you practice with tiny stakes of a few pence.

      Re laying the night before: it’s difficult to be hard-and-fast about it. Liquidity can be low, so you may end up taking a poor value price. On the other hand, if you believe your selection may drift, it may be the ideal time to bet.


      • Carl says

        Can I ask what your feeling would be for laying horses that the tipsters have tipped each day? For example, lay 3 bets per race at £5 (below 10-1) selected randomly from the tipsters listed in the racing post such as Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Star, Guardian, Times etc?

        Over the course of the month, I feel it is unlikely that they will be at a loss so the layer would be in profit.

        Any thoughts on this would be great.



        • Lucy says


          I have played with variants of this idea in the past but never been able to quite make it work. It strikes me as quite attractive in principle, as newspaper tipsters may affect how money is weighted to the extent that all the value is on the layer’s side. And when you look at the poor results the tipsters achieve it is very tempting to dive straight in, though critically, much will depend on the prices you manage to lay at.

          Essentially I think the short answer is yes, your idea may have merit but it probably needs slightly clearer rules and definitely requires a spot of serious trialling.

          I’d be interested in hearing more if you do run a test.


  2. Deejay says

    Lucy, Whats happened to Last Minute Lays trial,cannot find it on the website. Is the trial over?



  3. Barrie Hutchison says

    Hi Lucy
    Could you please tell me of the trial you had with Dream lays? i just been reading it on your site but cant find the end of the trial/ They appealed to you because there lays were less than 3.00 could you tell me how the trial went.

    Regards Barrie.

  4. James says

    Dear Lucy,

    Among all above Lay systems and services, please kindly tell me the 2 most consistently profitable systems and services and their sites for my information so I can consider to subscribe to them

    Also, any Win bet services on horses that are consistently profitable for last 3 to 6 months?

    Thanks and regards,

  5. John Moss says

    Who is the best lay tipster at the moment, please, but one that’s been around for a couple of years at least? Any sport.

    • Lucy says


      Right now, I’d struggle to nominate a single lay tipster. It seems so much harder than backing.


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