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Click here to drop me a line!
Click here to drop me a line!

As the site has grown, so has the volume of email I receive, and the amount of time it takes me to reply to everyone.

And although I do love receiving your messages, I often get asked the same questions over and over again.

So, before you drop me a line, please have a quick look through the following list of FAQs to see if your question is already answered here.

1. What is SkewTrader Pro?

Skewtrader Pro is a system that I wrote that allows you to trade the horse racing markets before the off. It contains a range of strategies, all based on a single principle that exploits a loophole in the betting markets.

Some of the strategies are no riskier than standard arbitrage, whereas others take a few more chances but also provide the scope for greater reward.  You can read it more about it here.

SkewTrader Pro
SkewTrader Pro

2. Why is it so rarely on sale?

I have family and work commitments, and find that by restricting sales I am able to balance them with the need to support system users.

I do try to give a lot of help to new members when they join, but obviously can only do this if I have other aspects of my life under control at the same time. I therefore tend to release the product for short periods and induct a batch of new entrants all at once.

>>> To be added to my no-obligation waiting list, simply leave a comment below or click here to mail me @! <<<


3. Which betting systems do you personally use?

I assume this question refers not to systems undergoing a trial, but the ones I use every day.

In addition, I use SkewTrader Pro and 8th Pillar as backup strategies, as explained in my free Rollingstone manual.  And I track bookie reloads via Mike’s Bonus Bagging.

I do use real money on systems I’m trialling, but of course I keep the stakes low. I’m a firm believer that paper trading is a waste of time, as you learn nothing about the day to day experience of living with the system.

4. What is my favourite backing / laying / trading system?

Very hard question to answer definitively. I honestly don’t think I have one, as I am a big believer in portfolio betting.

I did attempt a better answer than this in response to comments received at the foot of my article, “What is a winning system?”.

5. What does BOG mean?

BOG stands for Best Odds Guaranteed.

It’s a valuable feature of a lot of bookmaker sites whereby you are guaranteed the longer of the odds you took at bet placement time and the industry starting price.

It gives you insurance against drifting odds, by ensuring you don’t get penalised for taking an early price. The bookmakers offer it to encourage you to commit to a bet now instead of putting the moment off – and maybe never betting at all!

6. What does ROI mean?

How best to define ROI is an old argument that flares up every few months on my site!   It stands for Return On Investment.

ROI, in betting circles, is usually defined as the amount returned expressed as a percentage of the total amount of cash risked – which can make trading and laying systems appear far less profitable than backing.

However, quite a few of my readers look at ROI in a different way. For instance, regular reviewers Judith and Lee define it in their articles as total bank growth expressed as a percentage of the original betting bank.

The former definition is the ‘betting industry standard'; the latter what you might call the ‘investment fund view’.

I’d be very surprised if anyone investing a lump sum in an Invesco Perpetual trust fund saw ROI in any way different from Judith and Lee.

I tend to sit on the fence with this one.

The first definition (the betting industry standard) seems most helpful when comparing “per bet”; the latter more useful when comparing per strategy (as inevitably you are prepared to use bigger stakes when using trading and high strike rate systems; meaning that overall bank growth becomes a better yardstick).

Both definitions miss the time value of money (I have often seen ROI’s of betting systems compared with building society accounts without reference to the annual dimension of the latter’s returns), and also strike rate (which is as important in my view).

7. Can I send you money so you can invest it on my behalf?

No, absolutely not.

I have been asked this a surprising number of times!

If anybody suggests to you that they operate their services in this way, please walk away very quickly.

I can give you the address of at least one website that does work in this manner, and it strikes me as wide open to exploitation and fraud.

8. Why has my bookmaker limited my account?

The most obvious reason is you are making too much money too quickly. However there can be a lot more to it than this. For instance, I have several readers who have had accounts limited whilst actually losing money.

Please see this article and the comments at the end for advice and guidance.

9. I’ve found this amazing arb paying 25%!   Should I bet on it?

Probably not.

Or at least, not until you’ve read my article about how to live with bookmakers’ palpable error clauses.

10. Please tell me what you think of New system X before I buy it.

I’m constantly amazed at the number of different systems there are in the market. But if I haven’t already trialled it on my site, the chances are I know nothing about it.

However, do feel free to ask me to try and get a hold of a copy for review, especially if you are prepared to be the triallist yourself. In which case I will write to the system provider and request a live trial.

Obviously it’s up to them as to whether they agree. Some are (perhaps understandably) nervous about the idea.

11. Do you get your systems for free, or do you pay for them?

I get them for free.

I just ask the system providers if they would like to have a trial of their product on my site, and if so, they send it over.

12. I can’t be bothered reading all this, please just tell me what is the quickest way of making X pounds / getting a deposit for my new house/car/whatever?

There is a Passed Systems folder on the site, so you could do worse than read through it.

However, it’s not all about finding The Best Winning System.   You should adopt a risk-averse portfolio-based approach, such as the one proposed in my free Rollingstone manual. It will help you balance risk and reward, and deal with losing runs effectively.

13. Please will you test my system for me?

I’m happy to have a look at it, and if I think it’s got potential value for my readers, then yes, I will.

Obviously, I can’t promise to test absolutely everything that everybody sends me. The most important thing for me is to identify whether it’s likely to help people who use my site.

But yes, feel free to send it over and I’ll give you my honest first impressions.

Naturally, anything you send me will be handled in complete confidence.

14. Please can I subscribe to your Lay Lucy Lay service?

Unfortunately not, because I closed it down.

I found running the thread very stressful, even though it went very well.

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a tipster!? :)

15. How can you be impartial when you use affiliate links?

The site openly uses affiliate links, however this doesn’t mean my opinion is ever up for sale.

I see the (modest) affiliate returns as a small reward for helping a customer make a good decision. I believe it’s unrealistic to write and run a site of this size (some 1,400 pages or more, at October 2015) without some form of financial support, as quite simply Lay Back And Get Rich now completely dominates my daily life.

The alternative would be to fund the site via advertising, which I believe would make for an extremely cluttered read, with many ads on every high-traffic page. I find such sites distracting and hard to follow.

Ultimately, the website is an enthusiast site, and I trust this shines through in the quality and enthusiasm of the writing.

I am regularly approached by advertisers and product promoters who want to access the high traffic levels Lay Back now receives. I take this to mean I’m doing something right!

16. Why haven’t you approved my comment?

All first time comments have to be approved by me before they appear on the site. Once I have approved the first one, you are free to add more without moderation.

All the usual principles of respect and decent behaviour apply, so if I feel somebody is being rude and offensive in any way, I will bar them.

I do allow people to post relevant links to other sites or products, provided they have already contributed constructively to the debate.

However if your first contribution is simply to promote some product or other, I probably won’t approve it.

17. My question isn’t covered by your FAQ list!

Then, please send me an email at, and I’ll do my best to send you a reply soon.

Lucy x

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  1. Marc says

    Hi Lucy, I apologise if this is a stupid question or one you get a lot but as you probably know Betfair is banned in a lot of countries and in the USA it’s illegal to gamble online full stop I think.

    I’ve always been interested in making a good income through online trading and/or betting and I’ve spent the last few years scouring the internet looking for ideas to help me go forward in that. I used to read the Sports Trading Life website but I’ve got to say your site is fantastic and easily the best I’ve ever seen on the subject. I now only read yours and occasionally More Money Review. The only products I’ve ever signed up to are Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, Total Football Trading and Total Tennis Trading. I’ve worked my way through Bonus Bagging although it took me about 5 or 6 months due to me being quite wary about losing money so therefore I really wanted to make sure I understood it and take my time with it. I started Profit Maximiser a couple of months ago and I’m going to use it to start a bank up for Total Football Trading. I’ve got to say that your Rollingstone product really opened my eyes to the world of portfolio betting and its what I’m working toward.

    My fear is that if the UK goverment ever decide to go the way of so many other countries and ban or limit what we can do online then all this research and planning would be for nothing. I’ve been looking into researching Forex as a kind of back up plan, the only site I looked at for that was More Money Review although I lost a little bit of faith in them when I noticed they were giving good reviews to products they sell in their shop and the people commenting were actually saying how bad these products were. I chose Forex simply because it doesn’t seem to be tarnished by society as gambling and therefore I’d imagine the goverment would’t ban it (the Americans haven’t and I get the impression they are very conservative when it comes to the world of online gambling), plus the powers that be can tax your profit, something they can’t do with betting/trading.

    I know you can’t possibly predict what the future policies of our goverment will be but after reading through almost all of your site it’s quite obvious to me that your very intelligent and also very knowledgeable in the world of betting/trading so I would love to hear your views or opinions on this matter. So do you think it will ever be banned? Do you have a back up plan like Forex? or am I just worrying needlessly about something that’s not likely to ever happen?

    Also would like to hear from anyone else their opinion on this subject.

    • Lucy says


      Thanks for your email and kind remarks. (If you wish to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, go right ahead!).

      Of course, like anyone else, I’m only guessing but… I’d be amazed if anyone tried to ban betting in the UK.

      Betting on sports has been a part of British culture since the 19th century and remains a source of significant tax revenue. The 2001 abolition of betting tax gives you a clue to the more likely direction of travel. UK Govt. did that to benefit betting companies, thus creating a valuable industry and boosting the corporation tax take!

      I expect there may soon be a backlash against offshore betting operations (Gibraltar etc) which could trigger a relocation of Victor Chandler, Hills and co. back to the UK. Stoke-based Bet365 have been hoping and lobbying for years for this to happen.

      Bottom line… If you were PM would you cripple a British success story? Betfair leads the world … Why would you wish to undo this?

      Personally therefore I think UK betting is safe, subject to my caveats around Gibraltar-based bookies.

      Regards Lucy

  2. clive says

    Hi all,

    I am not really sure where to post this, so if you can think of a better place Lucy, please move it.

    I am struggling to find a reliable horse race tipster. I have over the past 6 months tried several services, only to loose money on all of them. I won’t bother you with names etc, I cannot afford expensive tipster such as Timeform and the like at anywhere from 70 to 100 Pounds per week. I presently have a subscription with GGL sports, but it seems to be one step forward and two back at the moment.

    I am not looking for a service to provide a million a week, just a steady flow of income into my BF account. after subs I would be happy with 10-20 Pounds per week.

    Can anyone recommend a tipster, preferably one that has been trialled here? :)

    • Lucy says

      It’s almost certainly not realistic to pick a single horse racing tipster and expect a steady, modest income stream.

      And it’s definitely unrealistic if that tipster is GGL Sports.

      Based on my trialling experience, I can say with confidence that horse racing tipsters represent the single most volatile type of betting. They often need large betting banks but, in the long run, they can be very profitable indeed.

      However, someone who requires a modest weekly income stream should not be using a horse racing tipster.

      Almost every other betting style is less volatile: trading, football betting, arbitrage (obviously), and portfolio betting (yes I know I go on about it, but this is precisely the reason why).

      I therefore suggest you look at:
      – 2014 Best Product Oscar winner Goal Profits for trading
      Football Fever for high strike rate football betting
      Mathbet for arbitrage
      Rollingstone for portfolio design

      All that said, I’m still worried about this idea of an ‘income stream’. Products like Football Fever are designed to grow capital slowly. But you shouldn’t be taking income from the FF betting bank – because you may need that money as a buffer next week!

      Therefore, my conclusion is that if you must have that weekly income stream, you shouldn’t be looking beyond arbitrage.


  3. clive says

    Sorry Lucy, I didn’t explain myself at well in this post. I wish to get together a portfolio of various sports. At the moment I follow Goal profits and the sister site Value Football betting, GGL sports. Tennis Shark and Nordavind’s tennis trading.

    I use various systems via Bet Angel for horses, one being Little Acorns. I have two other systems on trial and they are up and down like the proverbial do dah.

    I just want to add one more horse racing tipster to compliment GGL When I said a steady amount each week I meant over the course of a year. I know the ups and downs of horse racing and am prepared for loosing runs. Once you find a good ‘un you stick to it.

    Due to my circumstances here arbitrage betting is very hard to do as is your fine system Skew trading.

    Sorry for the confusion, seems I knew what I wanted to say, but it all came out gobbledygook.

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