Football Betting Alerts – Month #3 – Better!

Hello, Martin here with my third monthly report on Football Betting Alerts.

I’m almost reluctant to make comments on the system this month, as I feel the whole subject has proven to be so controversial. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you just need to look at the comments at the foot of previous progress reports in the trial thread.

I fear some readers, seeing these remarks, may well have essentially consigned the product – and my trial of it – to the dustbin. But my testing is ongoing and I intend to see it through to the end so that the results can speak for themselves.

A quick recap then: FBA is a new service from the guys behind Pre-Match TradingIn-Play Trading and a whole family of other betting products, several of which have done pretty well in trials here at Lay Back.

I have been testing for three months, during which, almost inevitably given that this is sports betting, I’ve experienced boths ups and downs.

In short, month #1 went well and month #2 didn’t but I came into month #3 with a modest profit.

So… would FBA return to form in month #3 or would there be further setbacks along the way?

(If however, you’re totally new to FBA and need more background before reading the rest of this report, I suggest you first read Lucy’s introductory article and my previous progress reports before continuing).

Football Betting Alerts
Football Betting Alerts

It’s actually been a pretty positive month for the service.

The top-level performance statistics are as follows:

Football Betting Alerts – Month 3
Month 3 Combined Profit (All 3 Methods) £189.40
Method 1 – LCS Monthly Profit £278.16
Method 2 – LTD Monthly Profit -£88.76
Method 3 – HT LTD Monthly Profit £0.00
Brought Forward Profit from Months 1 & 2 £119.40
Whole Trial Net Profit (£) £308.80
Whole Trial Net Profit (Pts.) 30.88

As you can see the overall profit has risen from £119.40 last month to £308.80, an increase of £189.40 after Betfair commission to £10 stakes.

Without the LTD bets, the monthly profit would have been £278, which inevitably make you wonder whether to bother with them at all (You can see why I don’t have a decision to make about this in the Summary section below). In any event, I think it’s fair to say that FBA has had a good month overall.

If only the LCS picks had been bet on, the results would have been even better. Interestingly, if you look at the previous two months, each of those would have been profitable as well, if only LCS bets had been entered.

You can get hold of the complete results log for month #3 by clicking here.

Month #2 results are here and month #1 data is here.


The service is performing a lot better in my trial than many of the naysayers would have you believe.

However, the monthly subscription charge is £79, so this does need to be taken into account when looking at what profit is made.

My concern is that FBA was supposed to have been tested extensively, so it seems odd that, three months or so after its release, the supplier has effectively admitted that there is an issue with the LTD picks and that that they will be concentrating only on LCS bets for a while.

That, and the withdrawal of the HT LTD tips after disastrous results last month, makes me wonder just how rigorous the testing really was.

There are one or two other gripes as well.

  • A few times, the game times that were published were out by one hour which meant I missed putting bets on.
  • Also, the general administration has sometimes been of poor quality. I recently received a message to say that now the admins were back from holiday this would be addressed. But for a supposedly professional service charging a very large subscription, I think the absence of administrators for whatever reason should not impact on the service people are paying for.

I’m going to keep the trial going for at least one more month and then wrap things up for good.

May I conclude for now, however, by asking commenters to be extra-courteous this month as some of the bickering has been a bit tiresome, to say the least.

I’ll be back with my conclusion around the end of June.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Football Betting Alerts here.


ps why not have a read of Lucy’s free ebook on making £1000 per month from betting? It is easy to follow, and you can get a copy now just by clicking this link!

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  1. Big Jay says

    Interesting to see the LCS is continuing to do well.

    I do have to wonder if they introduced the other methods (which seemed largely untested) to justify the large monthly fee to give the impression of value?

    All the best

  2. Error404 says

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for a slightly more positive view. I just want to be sure I have my sums right:

    Trial Profit: £308.80

    Less three months subs (237),
    Less the BOT subscription x 3 (36) – you really do need this, so it’s fair to factor it in.

    = £35.80 profit over three months.

    Of course, members profits will vary, but this isn’t looking especially impressive in light of the large subscription fee. That was always going to make things difficult and put people off.

  3. Lee Rothery says

    Martin, what are the results overall to include the high subs & BOT?
    I’ve noticed that the chat room is no longer part of the service, do you know if they have now got rid of this?

    It’s a shame because in my experience this is the but where the best ideas are exchanged.

  4. Error404 says

    Hi Lee,

    See above. £35.80 over three months = £11.93 per month for something costing £79. Obviously, this is only going on Martin’s results; but we should certainly be aware of grand claims of four figure profits. However, perhaps it will pick up.

    The chat has merged with IPT from the e-mails I received. It’s not very lively at present to say the least; hence the offer to join it for £2 in July. I’m not sure who the “pro traders” are supposed to be as none post their monthly records which makes it difficult to evaluate things.

    I notice the review cautions us against being negative, so I think it’s best to leave the figures above to speak for themselves.

  5. andy says

    You make the assumption that everyone stakes at the same levels, goes without saying that the profit will be bigger for larger stakes. I am not defending the service or the price charged just clarifying the statement from Error404.

  6. Error404 says

    Hi Andy,

    You are certainly correct :) I think Martin has been using fairly modest stakes.

    We also need a breakdown of how many achieve the average 4.5 LCS price quoted, with the official results reflecting half stakes/unavailable prices where necessary. At the moment, I’m a bit put off by the lack of transparency in the official results, as well as the high sub costs and reports of poor CS. I’ll pass on this one for now.

  7. andy says

    LCS recommended price causes a traffic jam at 4.5 even on alternative markets and could in a small number of matches mean not getting matched.
    TBH got enough systems and methods to test without joining FBA.

  8. Martin says

    Been away for a week on holiday so I’ve only just seen the latest comments.

    Its true the returns are quite low given my modest £10 stakes and the subscription fees. From 1st April FBA said they were going to raise the suggested stake to £20 stakes and their results reflect this, but I decided to stick with £10 for continuity.

    They recommend that if the odds on the current score at half time is greater than 4.5 then half stakes are used on whatever the odds are at that time, then the other half of the stake is put on when and if the odds drop to a value that makes the average odds equal to 4.5. This is so that the liability will never exceed that of the total stake placed at 4.5. About 30% of the LCS bets I placed last month were placed with half stakes and never dropped sufficiently to place the other half stake bet. They are actually recorded on the FBA official results and shown by the Gross Profit being = £10 where the stake is = £20.

  9. Gerry says

    I can’t understand anyone paying £79 quid a month for this, even the profit showing on their website isn’t deducting the commission. It’s a simple lay the correct score, with certain odds required. I bet they’re rubbing their hands and laughing everytime someone signs up at that ripp-off monthly subsription!….

  10. Big Jay says

    Does anyone know what’s going on over there?

    They haven’t posted any results since the 4th June?!

    • Gerry says

      Think you only see an update and hear from them when they have a good run, not when they’re down to their last £20 quid…. :-)

      Wouldn’t touch em with a barge pole!…..

        • Gerry says

          Lee I think negative is just the right word…when june finishes – £30 plus your ripp-off £79 subscription,
          leaving you down £109 for the month of june.

          These guys are a joke, stating £796 profit since they started in feb, forgot to mention to deduct £395
          in subscription charges leaving a profit of an actual £401 quid, then deduct betfair commission another £20 leaving a total of £381 quid profit. Bit different from their £796 quid eh?……

          Like I said, you only hear the buls–t when they have a good run!….

          • ticktock says

            The figures are actually worse than you have worked out. You have assumed betfair commission on the total winnings. You only pay 5% commission on winning bets.
            so to use Junes figures of the £30 loss @ stakes of £20 ;
            22/28 bets won
            5% of £20 = £1
            Therefore £22 in commission is a total loss of £52 on the month.
            In May there were about 68 winning bets, assuming all were £20 stakes (I know some were £10) that is another £60-£68 to be taken off in betfair commission. That’s over £80 in commission for May and June. Think of the total profit now……..

  11. Gerry says

    Actually deduct another £20 Betfair commission as I was working on the figure after deducting the subscription charges, It actually comes off the £796 they quote, so your total profit is £361 quid compare to their stated £796 profit…

  12. Big Jay says

    I’ve lost all respect for this lot after this product release.

    From launch to now, the whole thing has been farcical and still they have the arrogance to charge loads for their products.

    Still, they’ve got a real life maths professor to calculate if there will be a 2nd half goal so all will be fine I’m sure :)

    • Error404 says

      Perhaps, Big Jay, you might wish to join the new “service” – £29 for access to a chat room where the “traders” have no records of their monthly P/L, and where people have regularly lost following their “tips.” I would pay £29 to keep these so-called “traders” away from my Betfair bank!!

  13. Big Jay says

    Hi, is there going to be a final review for FBA?

    Also, just noticed the guys behind this have launched yet another trading website……………

  14. Lee Rothery says

    oh it seems like they are now so I will ask again something I asked a few weeks back.

    Please can you confirm when the monthly reviews and final review will be released?

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