Football Bank Builder Trial & Review – Weeks 10 To 13 & Trial Conclusion

Hello, Paulo here again. And it’s about time for the final report on my Football Bank Builder trial!

After 13 weeks we reached the usual goal of 200 bets, more exactly 203 bets in this case.

So… what have we learned from this interesting experiment?

(However, if you’ve never even heard of Football Bank Builder, I recommend you begin with Lucy’s opening remarks, then skim the whole thread, before returning here).

Football Bank Builder
Football Bank Builder

First, this system, FBB, is one of the easiest to implement that I know!

It is both quick and easy to find the games where we can use the system, as the rule set is so simple and straightforward.

Second, despite its simplicity, FBB seems to have been built on top of some well founded reasoning… At least, most of the logic behind the system is consistently demonstrated by practical results.

And third… It looks like the concept of slow, but steady, bank building is in fact perfectly achievable by FBB.

But what do we have to support those assumptions?

Well… Since our last report we had 63 bets, winning 31 of them! Thus achieving a strike rate of 49.2% and for the first time a profit at level stakes! 4.63 units in this period!

Still, for the whole trial, bank nº1 shows a loss of 9.65 units, or 48.25% from the starting 20 units.

This is not what I would expect, and I’m confident that in a longer period it will at least break even. And that’s because the strike rate we achieved along the trial is well below the level one would expect from the average odds of our bets! In the longer term it will get better than the measly 42.36% we got!

Bank nº2 made us a profit of 13.37 units in these 4 weeks, and stands now at 192.12, a growth of 9.16% from the 176 units we started with! It doesn’t seem too much, does it? But it is a profit achieved under the already mentioned circumstances of a lousy strike rate that can only get better in the long run.

It looks like the author of the system is quite right in recommending this staking plan!

And what about our bank nº3?

This one was in a very bad shape at one point. After two losing runs, near each other, this staking plan was reset and the losses at that moment were close to 50 units! Almost one third of the bank was gone!

But since, with not many more noticeable losing runs, this somewhat aggressive staking plan did recover all those losses! And even managed to get us a profit of 2.58 units!! :)

Maybe bank 3 is not for everyone, as it is a bit more risky than the Fibonacci plan, but it certainly is capable of producing some great returns.

OK here are the results for the last four weeks….


In conclusion, Football Bank Builder seems to be a useful system to have in your betting portfolio!

Using it in conjunction with the recommended staking plan, it has the potential to return some very nice profits!

And, of course, compounding these profits will only make the system even more appealing along the time… 😉

And if you still don’t believe me, you can download the complete results log for the trial by clicking here.

That’s all I have to say about “football bank building“…. it’s into the Passed Systems folder with FBB!


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  1. SusanC says

    Hi All,

    Not sure if anyone’s still subscribing to this page, but I have just read a review for FBB on another site and the author mentions a ‘high/low’ staking plan:

    “I have been entering the data into the algorithm they supply on a daily basis and placing my stakes according to the result of doing that which is instantly indicated after pressing the submit button. Where it suggested “LOW” then my stakes have been a straight £2 bet and where it shows “HIGH”, the stakes have been increased to £6.”

    Anyone here had experience of this?

    Are you still in there batting SueD? If so, how’re things going?

    Best regards


  2. SusanC says

    Hello Again,

    I contacted Andrew David and he has confirmed that the new staking plan has almost finished beta testing and will be available soon for ‘a small fee'; this is because the plan was developed by a third party.


  3. SueD says

    Hi Susan C,

    Yup, still battling the system. I’ve actually got my loss down to about half – but have just had a losing run of 10 which has slowed me up a bit!

    I am going very gently with this now and only trying to recover what I’ve lost in stages. When I hit a losing run I step back and skip a day or two, or just do one a day until I get a winner again so slow going but getting there. Slowed down a bit lately- too many cup games and friendly’s were teams often do not perform as expected – no doubt because the teams fielded are often not the usual line up.

    Originally I used an aggressive staking plan but hit a very bad patch with numerous losses including a losing run of 13 – and bottled out! I’m much happier with this taking it slowly – and it is working.

    I don’t think this system will make me a millionaire but I am determined to at least recover my losses and the program cost and from there – we’ll see.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on – and please share if you find a magic formula for making this work better!

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