Football Accumulator Tips – Conclusion!

Very broadly speaking, there are trials you love and trials you hate.

And the second category can break your heart.

Sometimes I find myself almost praying for a last-minute upturn, in spite of one setback after another – as I still believe that the service provider may be on to something.

At the opposite extreme, there are, thankfully, occasional trials that I simply don’t want to end… though they make me nervous too as I keep thinking ‘this good news just can’t last… can it?’.

Yet the common thread in almost all trials is drama: the ups and downs, the never knowing…

But there is a third category too: trials that frustrate you and ultimately bore you stupid.

You soon realise with this type that you’re never going to make much money – nor will you lose much either. You are basically just wasting your time.

And so it is that I come to the conclusion of my trial of Football Accumulator Tips.

It’s not often that I terminate a trial out of sheer boredom, but for this product, I’m making an exception…

(If however, you’re new to Football Accumulator Tips, I suggest you first read my introductory post and mid-trial progress reports before returning here for my closing thoughts)

Football Accumulator Tips
Football Accumulator Tips

Football Accumulator Tips is not a service I could ever seriously recommend.

It offers selections for doubles and trebles each weekend based on extremely short-priced favourites.

Invariably, the accumulators it proposes are priced around even money.

So it follows that the individual tips within them have to be on super-hot favourites.

And to reduce uncertainty even further, the service focusses exclusively on teams playing at home.

So what you end up with is a product that is extremely unlikely to be able to find value bets consistently. And, as the strike rate for the individual tips is inevitably quite high, it is equally unlikely to lose a lot of money too.

It just sits there, occasionally adding a few pennies, occasionally losing a few. But really, going nowhere.

However, it involves a lot of effort, spent hunting around for obscure football matches across the world, to produce performance figures as dull as these:

Football Accumulator Tips Advised prices Odds obtained
No. of bets 65 65
Profit  (£) -34.57 -34.3
Profit (pts) -8.6425 -8.575
New Bank 365.43 365.7
Bank Growth -8.64% -8.58%
ROI -19.21% -19.06%
Average odds obtained   1.81

If you’d like to see just how obscure some of the games involved are, you can download the complete results log here.

But really, I wouldn’t bother.

It sometimes takes me up to half an hour to find and construct some of the accumulators: and frankly, I really have better things to do with my life.

And so have you.


I’m not entirely convinced that the tipster behind this service is putting these accumulators on him/herself.

For if they were, surely they would include direct links to the underlying bets in their emails?

Instead, I am left to hunt around for ages to find the right games… all for no profit at all.

Well, after over 150 games, I’ve finally come to my senses and decided to bring this tedious trial to an end. It goes without saying that I am awarding a Fail rating.

I never thought I’d miss the drama of volatile products – but Football Accumulator Tips has broken me. It really is that dull.

If however, for some mysterious reason, you would still like to find out more about the product, you can do so here.

But I don’t recommend it.


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