Compound Magic – Quick Review

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein

Wise words indeed but what have they to do with gambling and betting ?

Well quite a lot actually as a lot of staking systems are based on a compounding structure to sky rocket profits .

But before I go any further, do let me introduce myself…   I’m Chris#2 (or ChrisP if you prefer), and Lucy has asked me to try to answer this question for you, by writing a short review of a piece of software called Compound Magic from Winningmore (the creators of All By The Book 2 and Michael’s Place Lay Formula).

Its unique selling point is that unlike other accumulators, this one pays you a dividend as you progress.   So it enables you to recover your seed capital gradually, without risking your total bank on every roll of the dice.

So what exactly is Compound Magic?

Well, in essence it’s a staking calculator.  After you input your stake and odds for your 1st bet, it tells you what your next stake should be if it is successful.  It then repeats the exercise with you inputting the odds for each (hopefully successful)  bet.  A loss at any stage after the second bet should see you either retain your initial stake or exit with a profit, depending on what odds you’ve been using.

Once the 5th winning bet is reached, your stake will have rolled over or compounded into a much larger figure depending on the odds of your winning selections.

For example, if your initial stake was £5 and your selections were each at odds of 1.5 you would have a profit of over £17.90, whereas at odds of 2, you’d have racked up over £70 .

Compound Magic is simple to use, and comes with a clear, concise manual.   You also get a neat, introductory video which takes you through the whole process.  The video presentation is available for you to examine at the Compound Magic website, so if my verbal explanation has left you scratching your head then get yourself over there!


Bottom line: the software is sound but the bigger question is… how do you find a consistent source of winning selections to make full use of the software in the first place?   Because critically, if your first or second selection fail, your seed money will be lost.

Even, as is suggested in the video and manual, you try backing fancied horses to place, this is certainly not a foolproof method.

If however, you have a constant stream of winning selections then the software will certainly do its “Compound Magic”.

So, in conclusion –

  • Yes it works, and it’s a nice little bit of software.
  • But without winners I still think it falls a bit flat!
  • In fairness, it comes at a very reasonable price (much lower price than other products from Winningmore) – currently £19.97.


For that reason, dear reader, I’ll leave it for you to decide whether you feel the need for a little bit of (compound) magic in your life!


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  1. Max says


    As the author of Compound Magic I thought your review was, overall, fair and balanced. Thank you.

    One point:

    It is a staking program.

    It is NOT — nor claims to be — a selection program.

    So the implied criticism in your comment “But without winners I still think it falls a bit flat!”

    was, dare I say, more than a touch unfair….

    Still, as you correctly noted at the end, readers should take a look and make up their own mind, of course.

  2. chrisP says

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for reading the review and your comments.

    I still feel justified in making the comment “But without winners I still think it falls a bit flat!” mainly because
    without a high strike of winning selections your staking program will not be seen in its full potential.

    Without labouring the point a motor car requires fuel, Compound Magic requires winners without which both are redundant.


  3. Max says

    You wrote:

    “…without a high strike of winning selections your staking program will not be seen in its full potential.”


    Chris, the software works particularly well on PLACE dividends 1.50 and upwards, for which it was designed.

    Most competent players should be able to get 3 or 4 consecutive places coming in.

    If they can’t then perhaps CM is not for them and they need to revise their selection method. (Or take up knitting.)

    If they can then that’s when CM really delivers the bacon!

    I’ll shut up now…LOL

  4. Martin says

    This is talking about compound interest. Secondly any one who is able to get 5 winners on the
    the trot is unlikely to need any advice from any one as to how he or she should select.

    Finally your advice of 6 per cent compound is quite sound, only trouble is if punters were to go by this and they won’t you would end up with poor bookies. I don’t see that happening.


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