Total Football Trading Reloaded – aka Betting in the sunshine :)

Can’t resist posting whilst here in Cyprus. The weather is beautiful, not too hot with a slight breeze, and everything is still green because the summer hasn’t scorched the earth yet. There are also bookies absolutely everywhere, and live football in every other bar. I can’t seem to find too much live horse racing, so I’ve decided to look again at the Total Football Trading system.

It also follows a challenge from Paul in response to my original review that I hadn’t tried all the methods that come with this pretty big system.   So… I’m taking a hint!

Arsenal play Wigan tonight, at 8pm Uk time, which is 10pm here. That’s a bit late for Lucy to be watching televised soccer, so I’m concentrating instead on pre-match trading.

Re-reading the Total Football Trading manual this morning, I noticed that the Paper Chaser method seems almost to be positioned as a premium technique. I don’t know why I didn’t see this before, but it’s almost as if the authors didn’t want to release it… I’m intrigued, because some of the others are really good..

To use the Paper Chaser, you have to be watching the markets from 8.30am on midweek match days, which frankly is too much like hard work for me! However, here that equates to a much more reasonable half past ten, allowing enough time for morning ablutions (not, it has to be said, a particularly quick process in my case!) prior to getting down to the serious business of sports market trading.

So I will be trading tonight’s match between Arsenal and Wigan, but not watching the game. The idea, according to the manual, is to be out of the markets at least an hour before kickoff so that late team news does not cause things to unravel. Frankly, if I manage to lock in some decent profits, I intend to be out a lot earlier than that!

Somewhat improbably, I am also supposed to check the markets on an hourly basis…. This is not going to happen unless I can find a beach with wifi!

I am also worried about getting sand in my shiny new iPad … Is this a method that a girl can really live with?

We shall see. It’ll have to be good to merit so much hassle…



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  1. Paul B says

    Hi Lucy

    Im glad you are going to give Total football another go, But i feel bad asking you now since you are on your holiday. I wish i was on a nice hot beech sounds nice, alright for some lol.

    Im now putting a little bit of money a side, just in case you start selling you skew trader pro.

    Have a nice time in cyprus.

    • Lucy says


      No need to apologise… a holiday for me isn’t complete without a little flutter. And at least when I’m here, I have the time for these long trades.

      Bit of a slow start today on the Paper Chaser however… I’m following the rules but nothing much has happened yet… all a bit of an anticlimax!

      Fortunately, there are a number of big midweek matches this week, so I intend to put it through its paces!


  2. Lucy says

    Well, the Paper Chaser isn’t going particularly well so far. Not that I’m actually losing money: more that I am in danger of being bored to death.

    Without giving too much away, the Paper Chaser involves exploiting certain circumstances that (*are supposed to) arise in the markets pre-match. The trouble, as ever, for a triallist is what to do if those circumstances stubbornly refuse to transpire!

    The Arsenal v Wigan market was monumentally dull yesterday, and things aren’t much better today with Bayern Munich v Real Madrid. You really have to be a patient soul to use this approach… the hourly checkins are quite a bind (even with my whizzy new phone having a Betfair app on it), and so far I still haven’t placed a bet this afternoon. Am getting withdrawal symptoms!

    I managed to bank the grand sum of 92 pence on Arsenal and Wigan yesterday, so I don’t think I’m going to get rich with the Paper Chaser. Still, a bit early to say.

    Am also attempting the Day Trader method, which seems extremely similar. I have finally managed to get a bet on, with a large lay on the Brighton v Watford match in the Championship…. I can feel my pulse quickening!!


  3. Lucy says

    Well, the sunshine betting continues, though sadly today without the sunshine, as Cyprus is cloudy and cool this afternoon. British forces radio promise that it will be back to normal by tomorrow, so I can restart my ongoing gloat, but for now, it’s actually a bit flat and – get this – I am typing this in a Mcdonalds as they have wifi!

    I’m finding the pre-match trading really tantalising. It’s SUCH an attractive idea, as there isn’t the usual scary X factor that a goal can go in mid-trade, and the odds move so slowly that you also don’t have to worry about some twelve year old’s Betfair bot beating you to the punch in a fast-moving market. When trading the horses, I make a rule of stepping out for the last ten minutes before the race… Well,if you feel the same way, maybe pre-match betting on the football is for you too.

    The trouble is, I’m not winning any money! I did make quite good progress with the Day Trader method yesterday, locking in a positive position on the Brighton V Watford match, but Brighton failed to deliver the required win, so I was left with a neutral outcome. Basically, I could have greened up, but got greedy as Brighton were favourites!

    I also traded out of a bit of a mess on the Ipswich V Birmingham fixture, again at no loss.

    So the net effect of all that was a big fat zero! But I should have won something on Brighton (and no, I’m not telling how much as it is quite galling!) so I will try again soon, especially if the weather doesn’t improve and I’m not distracted by my sun lounger!


    • Lucy says

      The sunshine is back in Cyprus this afternoon, and hopefully the Day Trader will start delivering some real profits. The markets move at glacial speed during the day, so you have to be patient and be prepared to let things run for several hours. I am currently trading the Europa League match between Atletico Madrid and Valencia…. more on which later.

      In the meantime, I can’t help noting that in contrast, I made another quick-fire £42 last night on the Chelsea v Barcelona game via the In & Out method. If you have read my original review of TFT, you will know this is my favourite of the different systems… maybe I have been a little fortunate, but still, it’s been a ridiculously easy way of locking in profit. A good tip when using this approach is to build up and reinvest profits. I am now trading far larger sums than I did doing my original trial, as I am playing with accumulated winnings.

      I must confess to not having been scientifically accurate with my reinvestment calculations, but I am more or less “betting with the bank’s money” now, which is always a great feeling. You do have to use some quite large stakes to make the In & Out method worthwhile, so a reinvestment approach is essential to avoid unnecessary risks. But this in turn demands patience… maybe the hardest lesson of all?!


      • gooner says

        hi Lucy,
        gd to hear you are having another dabble with TFT. i have been using the “paper chaser” method for a while now to great effect. the upside with this system is that the markets move at such a slow pace that the risk is so minuscule. to make money from this system your stakes have to be massive, jus imagine if u scaled up your stake on the arsenal game u could hav made a decent return

        i kno some ppl who play with astronomical banks using this method (as the risk is so low) and make hundreds from 1 or 2 tick movements.

        • Lucy says


          Nice to hear from you!

          I have been doing the sums and I’m pretty much convinced that to make this work it’s going to take some serious cash. Nothing wrong with that of course, as in practice only a small percentage is at risk. But it does imply two things…

          – Paper chaser isn’t for people without a few spare pounds lying around
          – You should only use this system if you have the time and a decent enough Internet connection to see it through to the bitter end!

          I agree though that the slow pace of things is very appealing. Especially when you’re somewhere as hot as Cyprus… 😉


  4. Paul B says

    Hi Lucy

    Thanks for taking the time to do a bit more testing of TFT, It still sounds good i might purchase it a bit later in the year.

    • Lucy says


      No problem, I’m enjoying my renewed testing of TFT as at no time has it felt pressured or high risk.

      An interesting time to buy TFT might be ahead of this summer’s European championships. Although it contains several different methods, many of them are designed to be used on high profile games with enormous liquidity. This probably isn’t a great product for fans of non-league soccer but is great for use alongside televised matches.

      I have really taken the plunge today. I am lying on my sun bed here in Larnaca and, glory be, have picked up a local wifi connection. So I have an obscure grenadine cocktail on the go, with the sun beating down and Betfair on my iPad. And I have dropped no less than £1000 on tonight’s match between Barcelona and Chelsea, using the Paper Chaser method.

      Now before horrified readers take me to task for breaking my own rules about only testing systems with low stakes – no doubt on account of the weather and the (very good) cocktail – I should stress that the Paper Chaser method is ultra low risk. As long as I am out of the markets an hour or more before kickoff, nothing like £1000 will ever be at risk. In fact, given the vast amounts of unmatched cash on tonight’s game, I am almost certainly looking at a risk well below £100.

      Of course, if my wifi connection is lost, I may have to abandon my (pink!) beach towel in search of a bar! But at the moment, it is holding firm….

      Will update on progress later. I am determined to profit from Paper Chaser today!


      • Lucy says

        Well, my slightly frustrating resumption of the TFT trial continues.

        I managed to lock in a modest £30 profit, assuming Barcelona won at home. Given that nobody seemed to give Chelsea a chance, I didn’t bother throwing away profit by greening up…

        I stopped watching the game once Barcelona were 2-0 up and Chelsea reduced to ten men, believing my profit to be safe! I am told the remainder of the match achieved the status of a classic, but you will be unsurprised to hear that I failed to be impressed with the final outcome!

        Thus the final out turn was, once again, neutral, and I am starting to feel chastised by the betting gods for greed! Who would have believed it?

        I am however determined to have my revenge on them tonight, so yet again I am using the Paper Chaser method, this time on the Real Madrid v Bayern Munich game. I have staked a bit less this time, but still, I am technically exposed to the tune of £800, though with the same proviso as before, that no serious harm can be done provided I exit well before the kick-off.

        I feel increasingly confident about the Paper Chaser method, but, equally, frustrated with my consistent inability to bank locked-in profits. So I will certainly green up tonight if I may…


  5. Redtop says

    Hi Lucy,

    How did the Paper Chaser method work out last night on the Real Madrid v Bayern Munich match?

    Also, it would be nice to hear how you are getting along with the ‘In & Out Method’, I know this system had been quite successful for you at the start, I just wondered if that’s still the case or if you are still using it.

    I hope the holiday is going well.

  6. Paul B says


    How did you get on yesterday with the real madrid game using the paper chaser method ?
    I enjoyed watching the game was a good match .

    • Lucy says


      The Real Madrid match markets moved so glacially slowly that I only locked in a tiny amount of profit. Once again, I refused to green up – as once again I was on the favourite and not wishing to budge! Fortunately, Real won the 90 minute game, leaving me with the immense profit of £8 before commission!

      I promise, it won’t change me!

      I haven’t been using the In and Out method much as my focus has been on pre-match trading. However, I’m convinced that it is the single most lucrative method in the system and I will return to it as soon as my holiday is over. I suspect it will be particularly lucrative during the European championships owing to the many highly liquid matches.

      Ps @ Redtop – Thanks for the kind holiday wishes. I cannot think of a nicer way to bet than lying on my sun bed, picking up the local wifi, and sipping at my grenadine cocktails!


  7. j says

    I do all my trading pre match and can confirm when done right it can be very lucrative
    Decent bank size is needed though but obv far less risk involved.

    Good blog, new one on me.

    • Lucy says


      Thanks for the kind remarks. It would be interesting to try and work out what sort of profits could be made solely from pre-match trading using, say a £1000 bank throughout the duration of the European championship.

      I can feel a trial coming on :)


  8. j says

    With a £1000 bank you could quite easily do £20 green a game all pre match.
    Money can be recycled in and out of the markets aswell which would result in greater profits.

    • Lucy says


      By my calculations there will be 31 matches played. Based on your figure, maybe we could have a £500 profit challenge?!


  9. j says

    Very feasible, i dont know the system your using but i know from my own efforts that sort of figure it very attainable.
    I dnt use a “system” as such, i use software yes which helps but there are no real hard and fast rules to it.

    • Lucy says

      Would be interested to hear how the software helps – obviously without giving the game away..

      Am about to leave my Cypriot bar (and wifi) though … Feel free to comment / send me a message James, this is such an appealing way to bet…


  10. j says

    No problem Lucy, do you have twitter or a way of messaging? happy to advise you of the software but would rather not freely advertise.

  11. Nathan says

    Hi Lucy, Are you sure about this?!! Considering that you clearly know what you are doing, your rewards on the two high liquidity Champions League matches this week have been £0 and £8, and that required the favoured team to win after exposure in the region of £1,000! Doesn’t sound too promising to me!

    • Lucy says


      I take your point but…

      I’ve just got a bit of a theory that I could have done quite a bit better if…. well, I don’t want to give too much away. One aspect is that I haven’t always got my bets on as early as I might have. So I think there was more value to drive out than I actually obtained.

      Of course, I could be completely wrong about this but then that’s why I run trials….

      If it comes off, TFT is going to look a tremendous bargain though.


      • Lucy says

        Can’t help mentioning that I am currently trading the Man C v Man U match via Paper Chaser. Checked the markets throughout the morning; entered at 11am; currently ahead at 4.40pm (all UK time).

        Tempting to trade out but am attempting to follow the old maxim about ‘running profits and cutting losses’. Will exit by 6.30pm though, so there is no risk of team news messing things up!


        • Lucy says

          Now this time I managed to bank £17.80 (before commission) after greening up… The odds I was trading obediently did what the manual said they would do – namely, continue to move slowly in the predicted direction – leaving me feeling quite a bit more confident about Paper Chaser. I was also out of the market by 6pm, and probably could have extracted a little more value, but the whole point of this method is to avoid risk.

          Can’t wait for Euro 2012 now…


  12. Paul B says

    Hi Lucy

    Yes im very happy with my purchase of TFT, The website is very professional in how the systems are
    laid out, Of all the systems on there i have narrowed it down to 3 that i want to try out, as soon as i have
    increased my betting bank with the bonus bagging im going to be doing this week.

    The systems i will try out will be, The Power Hour – The Double Bubble – The Paper Chaser.
    Should be fun .

  13. Lucy says

    I know I’m back from the sunshine, but I can’t help recording as a footnote that today I have locked in a minimum profit of £51 via TFT‘s pre-match trading technique on tonight’s Liverpool v Chelsea match. I actually wonder if it might be possible to construct an entire approach to trading around Liverpool Football Club, but if I were to explain why I say this, it might give a little too much away about the system. It’s enough to say that today was a textbook trade, and I have noticed similar patterns prior to recent Liverpool games… :)

    Great day :)


  14. Neal says

    Hi Lucy, do you know if these vendors are still about by any chance?

    I purchased this item through your link but haven’t received any emails and nothing is in my junk folders.

    Have shot them an email and awaiting a reply.



  15. JustAPunter says

    Hey, I’m interested in this system. Can you tell me if the day trader option is also something which works with weekend games or is it only for mid-week games? I only have time for trading on the weekends as my job won’t allow me much freedom to look at odds.

  16. Lee Rothery says

    I signed up to this site some time ago now and it’s a great resource overall, I can’t say I have used every single strategy enough to endorse it but from the trades I did do I remember they went very well. The stratageies are clear and well explained with strict rules and my only reason for not testing them to any great length is just a matter of time as I have been focusing on my own ideas and developing my own strategies.

    However, from a customer experience perspectve I found Mark to be helpful and often quick to reply and to me the customer service says more about a service than anything.

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