Backing System Trials

Backing is the most traditional form of sports betting.   It basically involves betting on an event to happen, either at an exchange such as Betfair or directly via a bookmaker.

Backing is still the most easy to understand way into the world of punting
Backing is still the most easy to understand way into the world of punting

Backing is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘betting’. It is still the most accessible path into the punter’s world, and by the far the largest system category on my site.

This section really comprises two different types of product.

1. Straightforward advisory or “tipster” services, whereby the service provider proposes a series of bets for the customer to put on him or herself.

2. Betting “systems” and “methods”  designed to identify backing opportunities by following a set of rules. They include both manual and automated options.

I have completed trials of the following backing systems.

208 Betting Tips – a free football tipster service running only at Lay Back And Get Rich, from Tayab Hussein.

Alex Rey’s Sports Service – a tipster service covering several “ball sports”.

Andy Bell Racing – an appealing horse racing product from a well-connected tipster.

BackingAce – a goals-based football tipster service, exclusively available at Lay Back And Get Rich.

BackLucrative – a very profitable tipster service from the Lucrative Racing Trust.

Bet Alchemist – a widely-respected value-based tipster service.

Betfairway – a golfing specialist service provided by BetKudos.

Bets2U – a tipster service comprising three different strategies.

Beaumont’s Bets – a prolific horse racing product that can deliver 1000 selections a month.

Best Betfair Football Trader – a football tipster service from BetsForToday that makes some bold claims.

Big Race Bookie Busters – a horse racing tipster services that concentrates on major race meetings.

Bookies’ Enemy No. 1 – a value-based tipster service that aims to exploit best prices at the bookies.

Bot4Us – a promising new betting bot, built on the back of the separate BetHawk system.

Both Teams to Score and Win Service – A rather unusual service from The Racing Professionals.

Claus’s Value Bets – a remarkable, value-based service available only at Lay Back And Get Rich.

Compound Magic – a calculation tool to assist with staking and pricing, especially when betting at short odds.

CB Sports Investments – a multi-sports tipster service.

Cricket Advisor – a value betting service from a ex-betting shop manager.

The Daily Nap – a simple one-bet-a-day horse racing tipster service.

Draw Day Demolition – a backing service for football from the Soccer Streaks team. You can also configure it for lay betting!

Elite Ratings software-generated selections for the Sport of Kings.

Dougie’s Goals Tips – free tips from my very own in-house goals tipster!

Each Way Earners – a horse racing service from the Tipster Warehouse that promises steady, long-term growth.

Each Way King – an appealing each-way tipster service from Betting Gods.

Exclusive Punters Club – a premium-priced tipster service for horse racing fans.

Favourites Phenomenon – a stop-at-a-winner system that has been around since 2006.

Football-Bet.Net – an intriguing, independent, soccer-based tipster service.

Football Betting Master – a football-based backing service that allows you either to find your own selections or receive daily tips.

FootballTipster.Co.Uk – a football tipping service that makes some very bold claims.

First Place Winners – a horse racing service that splits stakes between the win and place markets.

The Gambling Don – an adventurous horse racing advisory service with an entertaining sales pitch.

GGL Sports – an unusual “two in one” product covering tips for horse racing and golf.

Global Soccer Goals – an easy-to-use Correct Score method from the Winningmore team.

Goliath Goals Gain – a simple multi-bet football system from Winningmore.

Golf Profiteer – Our first ever trial of a tipster service exclusively for golf.

Grand Bet Auto – a bold football tipster service from Betfan.

GU Racing – A Betfair SP-based horse racing tipster.

Horse Betting Analyst – an expensive horse racing tipster whose reputation goes before him. I was hoping for great things from this one!

Horse Sprint Stars – Winningmore’s attempt at a straight backing service for the horses.

The Italia Job – a football tipster service for Italy’s Serie A and B.

Joanne’s Stats-Based Soccer Tips – a statistical approach to goals betting by one of my readers.

Kick Off Profits – a tipster service devoted exclusively to the Beautiful Game.

Legendary Daily Bet Banker – a rules-based method designed to produce a high strike rate with short-priced favourites.

Lucrative Racing Trust’s Place Betting Service – a horse racing service that focusses on the place markets only.

Magic Backing Bot – automated horse racing tips.

Martin’s Longshot System – an ambitious attempt to turn a profit on longshots, led by a reader of this site.

Master Racing Tipster – Betting Gods’ horse racing tipster is one to use at the bookies rather than the exchange.

Match Day Profits – a football advisory service that provides selections in many different countries and markets.

Mathematician Betting – a premium-priced horse racing advisory service that was once given the seal of approval by the Guardian newspaper!

The Midas Method – a popular tipping service that also comes with a documented method.

Mr Smith – a traditional tipster service from Betfan.

Mr X Racing – a horse racing tipping service that makes some bold claims.

Nick Field Racing – a high strike rate tipster service from the WIN Network.

Over Under Pro (formerly Football Fever) – a football tipster service that aims to deliver serious long-term profits for a minimum of effort.

Place Profit Blueprint – a tipster service that concentrates on backing horses in the place market.

The Place Punter/Each-Way Punter – a free service on my site that attempted to make money from horse racing’s place market.

Pro Bet Alliance – a very selective horse racing service that’s suitable for people in a hurry!

Pro Betting Club’s Premium Naps – a straightforward backing service with an attractive strike rate from the Pro Betting Club.

Profit At The Races – an all weather horse racing service that claims to have made an average £5000, to £10 stakes, for the last 8 years.

PBC’s Stallion Racing Picks – a backing service for the horses from the Pro Betting Club that comes with some bold performance claims.

Pro Betting Club’s Stallion Soccer Picks – a backing service with 3 simple types of bet – over 2.5 goals, home/away/ draw and combination.

PBC Ultimate Profits – a backing service that concentrates on longshots in horse races.

Premier Greyhound Tips – Betting Gods’ greyhounds-only tipster service.

Q Racing – an ultra-selective tipster service for the horses that claims to make money at Betfair SP.

Racing Consultants – tipster service from racing insiders Rory Delargy and David Massey.

Racing Gold – a tipping service from Tipster Warehouse with a reputation for consistency.

Racing Revolt – a straightforward horse backing product with an impressive track record.

Rampage Selections – another tipster service that made some bold claims.

Roberto’s Football & Tennis Tips – former tennis professional and Italian football nut Roberto has been making money for us on these two sports since February 2013!

Sadler System – an unusual method designed to work at certain courses only.

Set to Win – a backing system from the Winningmore team.

Serve It Up Tennis Tips – longer-priced tips for both match and tournament betting.

Soccer Scorcher – one of the shortest-lived trials on the site.

Soccer Security Net – an intriguing football system, also by Winningmore.

Soccer Streaks – a high-strike rate backing system that promised explosive profits.

Soccer Tip – a value-based football tipster service.

Sovereign Racing – Horse racing tips to Betfair SP from The Betting Gods.

Sporting Profits – a multi-sport tipping service.

Stableline Gold – an ambitious horse racing product that aims to be the scourge of the bookies.

Stallion Soccer Picks – a straightforward football tipster service.

Stars And Stripes – a product that focussed on US sports.

Strand Each Way – a novel each-way horse racing tipster service from the Pro Betting Club that aims to make money at Betfair SP.

Stop At A Winner Bot – Winningmore’s automated loss recovery betting product.

Tennis Picks – a tennis-only advisory service.

The Bet Engine – a feature-rich betting bot from enthusiast Alistair Moffat.

The Betting Club – an adventurous tipster service with a bold staking plan.

The Midas Method re-trial – a software-based tipster service for horse racing.

The Sports Guru – a Betting Gods service that covers no fewer than seven sports.

Three Key Football – a breathtakingly simple football system from the Winningmore guys.

Tom Nelson Racing Another Betting Gods’ horse racing tipster, whose appeal arises from his remarkable performance claims.

Top Secret Tips – a highly selective win-only backing service for horse racing from the Tipster Warehouse.

Top Tennis Tips – a service that predicts the outcome of tennis matches, and claims to be powered by artificial intelligence.

Value At The Races – a product that advises tips in horse racing based on a value-oriented philosophy.

Value Horse Tips – a horse racing service designed to exploit early bookmaker prices.

Value Plus Soccer  – sold with the promise that it should only take you 5 minutes a day, both to find your selections and place your bets.

Value Racing Tips – a value based horse racing system from the modestly named Betting Gods.

Victor Value Racing – a straightforward, value-based horse racing service from the Betsfortoday team.

Win Each Way – an unusual trainer-based backing system that offers the options to back “win only” or each-way.

Winning Racing Tips – Paul Ruffy’s cautiously managed horse racing service.

ZCode – an American software-based approach to long-term sports betting profits.

ZeroHype Banker – a horse racing tipster service that concentrates on short odds selections.

ZeroHype One on One – a novel service that covers sports events featuring just two competitors.

… and trials of all the following products are ongoing.

1 Point Wins – a simple service that backs selected tips to level 1 point stakes at Betfair SP.

Classic Racing Gold – a tipster who looks for value in the early markets the night before the races.

Double Up Profits – a horse racing advisory service that specialises in doubles.

Head 2 Head Sports – a multi-sport service from Tipster Street.

JPW Tipster – an ‘old school’ tipster for horse racing fans.

Over Goals Tips – an appealingly straightforward tipster service for the Over 1.5 Goals market.

Percentage Form Edge – a novel service that selects multiple horses in a single race and backs them all.

Renegade Racing – a straightforward horse racing tipster service from BetKudos.

Soccer Goals Syndrome – A deceptively simple goals-based system from Winningmore.

Tennis Bett – a specialist tipster service for the sport of tennis.

The Winning Way – a Betfair SP-based offering from the Tipster Superstars team.


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  1. clive says

    Hi Lucy,

    I see from the list above that you have set up many trials, but mostly racing and football. Any chance you could look around for some other sports such as Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey and the like. This is purely a selfish request as I like to watch the first two sports, but see an awful lot of games on Betfair for the other two. Betting opportunities aplenty methinks.

  2. Lucy says


    My main concerns are market liquidity and event frequency.

    Horse racing and football produce liquid markets almost every day of the year, including on most of the major holidays.

    I have experimented with snooker, greyhounds and darts (is this really a sport!?) but found little interest. The only sport beside the big two to generate enthusiasm has been tennis, owing to its potential for trading, so you will find reference to at least three tennis systems. Roberto also published tennis tips for a while.

    US sports are of limited interest as my site predominantly attracts readers from the UK, the Commonwealth and Europe. This may be because Betfair is closed to American punters.

    If you’d like to identify systems for other sports that you believe have a decent chance of delivering profit, and can be traded often enough to make them worth looking at, I’d be happy to try and get hold of them.


  3. chen says

    hi Lucy,
    do you have (WIN FORM PRO) reviews?if no, can you add it?their repot shows this:
    MONTHLY AVERAGE PROFIT +£2,915.00 (+29.15pts)
    pfeilsmall OVERALL PROFIT +£69,978.00 (+699.78pts)

  4. James says

    Dear Lucy,

    Is (WIN FORM PRO) Reliable and showing real profits as they claimed on their website?

    I hope you can share your experience about their WIN FORM PRO or their other tipping services if any of them are PROFITABLE on long run.

    Thanks a lot

    • Lucy says


      I’ve not tested Win Form Pro.

      I have however trialled many other PBC services with extremely limited success.

      I have tested and failed: Lay Analyst, Target Tips, Stallion Soccer Picks, Stallion Racing Picks, Premium Naps and Losers To Winners.

      The only one of theirs that did well was an odd service called Ultimate Profits – and it was subsequently withdrawn.

      It follows that I am not desperate to test Win Form Pro.

      Regarding winning systems … well, the site runs to 1,600 pages and, at time of writing, I have passed just three with flying colours.

      Please be under no illusions: most services do not live up to their own advertising. So research carefully.


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