Arbitrage and Trading System Trials

Arbitrage and trading are related techniques for extracting value from the betting markets.

Arbitrage – or “arbing” for short – usually involves setting up zero-risk trades to make small, regular profits, irrespective of the result of the related sports event.

Trading is a more advanced technique that typically involves placing several bets to “stack the deck” in the player’s favour. The bets themselves may appear ‘contradictory’ – that is, they appear to take conflicting positions on the sports event. But this is deliberate, as the idea is to maximise the number of possible positive outcomes, whilst limiting the risk of losses as far as possible.


Arbitrage And Trading
Arbitrage And Trading

Trading often depends on a statistical “edge”, whereby any one trade may lose, but in the long run a positive overall outcome is delivered. Some of the techniques used are borrowed from the financial markets.

I have so far tested the following arbitrage and trading systems.

All By The Book 2 – a clever product that attempts to exploit bookie pricing strategies.

Assured Soccer Profits – a popular strategy from long-term football trader, John Duncan.

Bet500 – an imaginative product that generates batches of horse racing bets to help you “bet with an advantage”.

BetBurger – a slick, maths-oriented arbitrage engine.

BetGreen – an advisory service for football traders.

Betting Bounty – a novel approach to low-risk trading that aims to find an edge in particular bookmaker offers.

Bfbot Manager – a truly remarkable betting bot from UK-based Sodens Software

Bonus Bagging – a truly remarkable matched betting service designed to exploit bookmaker bonus offers.

Draw Inflationa sophisticated pre-match football trading system that is the “little brother” to Pre-Match Trading below.

Dynamic Football Trading – an advanced football trading package from the team behind Total Football Trading.

Football Form Labs – a huge statistical engine designed to highlight potential opportunities.

Flaming Torch – snooker trading.

Goal Profits – a popular football trading service.

Golden Soccer Star – an unusual football system that attempts to land longshots.

Lay The Draw Bot – a piece of software designed to automate the oldest football trading strategy of them all.

MathBet an advanced arbitrage tool that flags up cross-market opportunities and middles, as well as conventional trades.

Mike C’s Arb Service – a very good value “arb alarm” service from the man who brought you Bonus Bagging.

Oddscatcher – a professional-looking arbitrage and low-risk trading method, backed up by comprehensive support arrangements.

Pre-Match Trading – an award-winning “smart” football trading product.

Profit Maximiser – another ultra-low risk value extractor from Mike Cruickshank of Bonus Bagging fame.

Profit Ninjas – a comprehensive service that ranges from simple bonus bagging to sophisticated price trading.

Race Inspector – horse racing ratings software designed to be used by back-to-lay traders.

Rebel Betting – a sophisticated arb alarm product.

Rewarding Trading – a horse racing trading service that comes with a very good reputation.

Soccer Betting Revolution – a bold approach to in-play trading of football matches.

Smart Racing Trader and Smart Soccer Trading – Winningmore’s horse racing and football trading systems.

Sports Punter – a fair value arb alarm product.

Spymare – an extraordinary horse racing arbitrage product that uses a novel approach to find up-to-the-minute opportunities.

Steamer Drifter Bot – Winningmore’s automated trading application.

Strategic Betting – a guided trading service, with a highly imaginative approach to trading UK horse racing.

Tony Hargraves’ Sports Trader Strategy Guide – a manual detailing 15 specific trading strategies used by “The Badger”, a well-known Betfair trader.

Total Football Trading and Total Tennis Trading – comprehensive educational products for would-be football and tennis traders.

Trade 4 Income on Betfair – Winningmore’s foray into the ‘trading education’ market, drawing on the experience of long-term Betfair trader, Tony Hargraves.

TradingFootball.EU – a comprehensive suite of football trading tools supported by a very lively, helpful community.

Trading The Horses – a horse-racing service from the Pre-Match Trading team.

The following systems are still being trialled.

Accumulator Generator a slick approach to exploiting bookie refund offers on accumulator bets.

BetHawk – a truly remarkable betting bot that adopts a portfolio approach to horse racing.

BetMaid – a smartphone-based trading app that is almost absurdly good value.

Correct Score Indicator – a piece of software that provides correct score guidance for football traders.

Delay React Trade – a comprehensive football trading system from Canonbury’s Clive Keeling.

The Omenator – a remarkable alert service that highlights potential back-to-lay trades in the horse racing markets.

Last but not least…

Two readers have separately attended Peter Webb’s Betting Exchange Academy in order to learn how to trade on Betfair. Their course reviews are included in a thread entitled Learn To Trade.


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  1. wayne says

    Hi Lucy,

    I thought I had read somewhere once that you had tested the betting renegade….
    But I can’t see any reports on it anywhere?

    Did you use it and if so how did you get on with it?
    What betting bank is needed to start betting with?



    • Lucy says

      Hi Wayne

      I’m afraid I haven’t, and from what I’ve read about it (e.g. at More Money Review), I can’t say it’s near the top of my Wanted Systems list.

      That said, it appears to be inexpensive and covered by a robust Clickbank warranty, so I guess there’s little risk in getting involved.


  2. Nick Gangadis says

    Hello Lucy,

    I would like to thank you and congratulate you for your free publications “Make £1k Per Month” and “Rollingstone”. I have downloaded so many freebies in the past and they have one thing in common; they are all rubbish. Yours are quite an exception, at long last. Especially in “Rollingstone” I’ve found one of the best system selection and money management techniques I’ve ever encountered (probably second best, after the Kelly ratio formula that I use money managing my stock and option trading). If I knew their true value in advance, I would pay top dollar for those.

    So, after reading both your manuals, I have some questions for you, I hope you don’t mind answering.

    1) Your system “SkewTrader Pro” is not for sale anymore because you’re trying to control, through the number of your subscribers, betfair horse place prices, or for any other reason?

    2) After reading your recommendation on your manuals, I purchased and started working on Mike Cruickshank’s works “Bonus Bagging” and “Profit Maximiser”. I’m more than thrilled with the techniques described there. I’ve made quite a few profits, a small portion of which paid for Mike’s works themselves, and I have to thank you for introducing me to these great opportunities. Now, Mike advertises another service called “Bookie Blowout”. A quick Google scout search made me aware that Mike is fully booked on this and doesn’t offer any more places. However, in case that you are aware, or even use this, can you please comment briefly on this technique, just in case that Mike will be providing more places in the future?

    3) I’m interested in starting sport arbing, but due to other commitments and time restraints I don’t think that I’ll have enough time, or be focused enough to do this manually. I checked online three interesting sport arb providers which in order of complexity and price (I think) are, a) UcantLose, b) RebelBetting and c) ArbAlarm and ArbSurfer. Any tips and/or suggestions to any of these services, please?

    4) Finally, I came across the trading concept of bookie backing/exchange laying for arb like opportunities. There is a online service called oddsmonkey that finds these arbs automatically. Is it worth it, in your opinion?

    Apologies for all these questions and the length of my message. If any of these will be answered it would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Lucy says


    Thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the manuals. Regarding your comment about being prepared to pay “top dollar”, please feel free to avail yourself of the Donate button on the Download page! :)

    In answer to your questions:

    1. There is a waiting list for Skew, which I am happy to add you to if you wish. The only reason it isn’t for sale currently is I provide a lot of support and frankly am too busy with other matters! But I will do a limited re-release shortly, with waiting list members getting priority treatment.

    2. Mike restricted Bookie Blowout for liquidity reasons, I believe. He therefore didn’t make it available to most review sites (like mine!), as he didn’t need the additional traffic.

    3. There are two types of arb service: budget offerings (Mike Cruickshank offers one), which come in around £10 per month and give limited opportunities; and premium offerings (such as Rebel Betting and co.) that cost a lot but present all sorts of additional arb types – e.g. cross-market arbs and middles. Of the premium type, the one I like best is Mathbet, which you can read about on my site. You can also see a short review of Rebel Betting.

    4. I think oddsmonkey falls into the budget category as above, and yes it should provide a reasonable number of opportunities. However, back-and-lay arbitrage can be severely restricted by liquidity on the exchange, so inevitably returns are constrained.


    • Lucy says

      Just seen these comments… but no, I haven’t tested either Betsonfire or Paul Butler :-(

      There are just soooo many…

  4. Pete says

    Hi Lucy,

    First of all thanks for all the information, l have learnt a lot just by going through the content on your website.

    My question is about arbing, which I have avoided due to the fact that from the information I have been able to gather it is quite short term due to the fact that most Bookies will ban you or limit your stakes as soon as they realise that you are arbing, how has this worked out for you? As I am sure you have been arbing for some time.

    • Lucy says


      It’s difficult to summarise in a comment but I’ll try:

      1. I can’t prove it but I think bookies are becoming sharper at spotting arbitrage techniques.
      2. There are a number of bookmakers who are ultra-sensitive to arbitrage (BetVictor, Stan James, possibly RaceBets)
      3. All is not lost as there have been a number of new bookies open in recent times (Betfair Sportsbook, Vernons,
      4. There are a number of commonsense measures you can and should take if you decide to try arbitrage.
      5. Again, I can’t prove it but I believe cross-market arbitrage to be a much smarter approach that bookies cannot detect as easily. (see this product for a good example of how this is done).


  5. Jamie says

    Hi Lucy,

    I’m a big fan of your site. As a newbie getting into trading, I bought subscriptions based on your reviews of Goal Profits and TFT to get stuck into it and it’s really paid off.

    Football is a little bit slow at the moment with the summer upon us. I wondered what your recommended reading would be for these months? I’ve had a look at your site, to try and find pre-race horse racing trading strategies in the same vein as the products I mentioned above ie. hard rules to follow.

    Do you happen to have a review lying around that I’ve not found, or maybe you’ve heard of a product that you’ve not yet had a look at?


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