Arb of the Week / Sports Punter Trial, w/c 12/9/11

Since my last two posts on the subject (here and here), I’ve been playing around with, and feel I could almost create an entire micro-site devoted to it.

Instead of trying to replicate it here, I thought I’d jus’ give you a flavour of what it entails… and also throw in a little arb for good measure. :)

In addition to their free service (where you select arbs from tables), Sports Punter offer an alert system to highlight arb opportunities in real time, to save you all the tedious hunting around looking for them.    This service is based on a continually updated database of arb opportunities from all over the world.    It is so enormous that it can be overwhelming, however fortunately the good folk at Sports Punter have thought about this, and provided the facility to set up filters.

To allow me to test the service, Sports Punter have provided me with a week’s free database access.    I have therefore spent this afternoon getting to grips with it, and I have to say I am spellbound.  For example, I set up a filter called ‘lucy’ that highlights:

  • conventional back and lay arbs (typically backing at the bookie and laying on an exchange)
  • “non-middle” arbs (i.e. conventional arbs only, excluding complex ‘middles’ – which are effectively opportunities where you can exploit “overlaps” between different bookie prices, especially in Asian handicap and over/under markets… I may do a separate post on these if there is enough interest!)
  • 3-way arbs (e.g. soccer matches, as these can produce home, draw or away results)
  • arbs where the bookmakers operate the same rules for an event  (this is a useful safety mechanism, that can be important in the event of cancellation etc.)
  • arbs worth between 93 and 100%.  (As a general rule, I tend to avoid super-short arbs less than 93% as they can be vulnerable to after-the-fact bookie cancellation under ‘palpable error’ clauses)

This produced the following output (extract only! – and note that your browser may enlarge the image if you click on it):

lucys sportspunter arb
lucys sportspunter arb


But at time of writing, Sports Punter is offering no less than 3077 live arbs!   (hence the need for filters!).   So I have taken tomorrow’s American Football match between Dallas and New York Giants above, and placed the following bets:

team odds bookie stake winnings
new york jets 1.62 hills £130.00 £10.60
dallas 3 bet365 £70.00 £10.00

..thus locking in another £10 for the Arb of the Week fund :).

As I type, more arbs continue to come through in real time, sounding a ‘cash register’ kah-ching as each new one arrives!  What distinguishes this service is that you don’t have to look for the arbs: they come looking for you…. meaning there is scope to win a huge amount of money here across an enormous range of sports events.

Unsurprisingly, this premium service comes at a premium price.    For non-Australian clients, the pricing strategy is as follows:

  • An initial two week cost of $AU50, $US46, €33, £23,
  • Weekly: $AUD50, $USD46, €33, £23; OR
  • Monthly: $AUD160, $USD145, €105, £70; OR
  • Quarterly: $AUD440, $USD400, €285, £195; OR
  • Half Yearly: $AUD780, $USD710, €505, £350; OR
  • Yearly: $AUD1400, $USD1270, €905, £625


Clearly, if you are going to invest £625 a year, you will need to commit a serious amount of time to exploiting the opportunity.   My advice would be to try the service for a week or two by clicking here, then following the link on the right hand side to “arbitrage betting”.  There is scope here to make far more than £70 in a month, but it will take you a little time, plus a large number of bookmaker accounts!   But it is in effect the ‘next level’ of arbitrage, and can be approached as a professional opportunity, to generate a significant tax-free income.

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE @ 21/2/2013 – It is now almost 18 months since I wrote this review. I intend to revisit it shortly, however in the meantime please see my comment below.  ***


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  1. Lucy says

    Final score was very close – New York 27, Dallas 24 – which added £10.60 to my bottom line and brings us to a very nice £56.48 from 10 bets.

    Based on one bet per day over a 30 day month, this gives us a monthly tax-free income of £169.44…. very nice. But using a service like Sports Punter on an extended basis, it is clear that far higher returns are achievable.


      • Lucy says


        Thank you for your comment and welcome to my site. Are you in Bulgaria? The first commenter I’ve had from your lovely country.

        I’ve read the review you mention and am not sure what to make of it …. It seems quite critical in places but then it changes tune and appears to position SportsPunter as an advanced service, eg.

        “They also include several of the more complicated inter-market arbs (mixing handicap with 3 way and/or 2 way bets). Sportspunter quite regularly adds new features to their service… SportsPunter is definitely a unique service, and definitely a service for the experienced punters/arbers. If you are new to arbing then you should learn on an easy service, then come back to SportsPunter when you have a firm understanding of arbitrage, sportsbetting and the tricks of the trade.”

        This would appear to be quite complimentary and not that different from my report.

        I think we can all agree that SportsPunter is not a basic service, but rather something that will demand a lot of time and effort to exploit fully.

        I also happen to agree with the follow-on comment about the web interface.. It really isn’t pretty to look at! However, in contrast to the second commenter, I had very few problems with incorrect odds and make quite a bit of money during my trial.

        I am no longer a subscriber to Sports Punter but am still a fan based on my trial. However I would strongly recommend new customers take up one of the trial short subscription offerings first to test the service before handing over serious cash.

        Lucy x

        • ivo says

          I fully agree with your comment above.
          P.S.Yes,I’m bulgarian,but currently live in Cyprus.The british love Cyprus(I wonder why?),but I’d rather be home :)

          • Lucy says


            It’s a bit off topic but the British aren’t the only ones who love Cyprus. ;-). I have some serious sunbathing to do there this year, and now I have Wi-Fi at my place I can still cover the horses whilst I’m doing it. Isn’t the modern world just great?!


  2. Lucy says

    It is almost 18 months since I wrote this review, and I have to say, I am changing my position on this product. I will write a proper post in due course, but some of the things I’ve seen on Sportspunter lately, and some of the feedback I’ve had, make me think that, at the very least it’s time to refresh this thread.

    I am setting Sportspunter to Neutral for now and will be back with a fuller update asap.


    • Lucy says


      I’m still happy with the neutral rating for now, I think.

      I’ve heard some very mixed reports about this product, and keep making a mental note to revisit it. One of the problems of running a site like this is that you’re shooting at a moving target… and the market has very much moved on!

      My favourite arb product at the moment is Mathbet. It is far more innovative, including ultra-clever cross-market arbs that the bookies find harder to spot.

      See here for trial conclusion.


  3. Ian says

    That’s interesting, Lucy, thanks.

    I was caught by Mike’s upsell :-) to his Arbitrage system (although it was no cheaper and can be bought for the same price at any time) when I bought Bonus Bagging. The biggest problem with it is that the links on the bookie’s side don’t go to the page you need and it takes me ages to find the relevant page, esp. on football. However, it is considerably cheaper than the weekly/monthly services.

    I’m still within the 30-day period. In your opinion, would it be better to switch to his Profit Maximiser?


  4. Lucy says


    I have written to you by email.

    In my view, BB and Profit Maximiser are complementary… exhaust one before switching to the other as both are excellent products


  5. Ian says

    Hi Lucy,

    Yes, thanks.

    I’ve done all the bookies he has on his, er, (Bonus Bagging) books and have signed for Profit Maximiser – which, co-incidentally has another upsell to Bookie Blowout! Lots of Qs arising from that which I hope he’ll clear up soon.

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