Any Other Win – First Impressions

 I’ve tended to focus on straight betting systems recently, as opposed to learning new trading methods.

I can see the appeal of the latter but, in spite of my best intentions, I lack the time to do them justice.

Testing a dozen or so services simultaneously does that to you.

However, I did make an exception with Any Other Win as it just looked too promising to pass up.

So how have I been getting on so far?

Read on to find out…

(If however, you’re new to AOW, why not have a read of my trial introduction first before returning here for the latest news?)

Any Other Win
Any Other Win

This straightforward system involves trading games from all over the world.

Each day, you receive a list of matches to bet on and then place up to two bets on each one, depending on how matters proceed.

This means that quite a few games never actually become live trades: as you do need events in-play to conform to certain parameters first.

All of which has a number of implications:

1. I don’t foresee there being a shortage of matches to trade during the close season. There seems always to be football being played somewhere and AOW doesn’t appear to be too fussy about where it draws its selections from.

2. You do need to make time for this service. I found that matches can occur throughout the day which, in practice, won’t suit everyone. I must confess, it didn’t really suit me (about which, more in a moment).

3. You need to have a smartphone with you to carry out the trading. The bets you place require no special software; but do involve being available and prepared to act whenever you receive a prompt.

I carried out five live trades in my first week with the system and then, I must confess, realised I simply don’t have the time to test this.

They were all profitable as follows:

Market Start time Settled date Odds Stake Liability Bet type Placed Profit/loss (net commission)
Football / Tondela v Estoril Praia : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 16:00  01-Apr-17 17:52  60 0.9 0 Back 01-Apr-17 16:50  -0.9
Football / Tondela v Estoril Praia : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 16:00  01-Apr-17 17:52  25 2 48 Lay 01-Apr-17 16:22  2
Football / Levante v Mirandes : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 15:00  01-Apr-17 16:56  10 0.91 0 Back 01-Apr-17 15:50  -0.91
Football / Levante v Mirandes : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 15:00  01-Apr-17 16:56  4.5 2 7 Lay 01-Apr-17 15:11  2
Football / Aston Villa v Norwich : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 15:00  01-Apr-17 16:54  22 0.49 0 Back 01-Apr-17 15:49  -0.49
Football / Aston Villa v Norwich : Correct Score 01-Apr-17 15:00  01-Apr-17 16:54  10.5 0.98 9.31 Lay 01-Apr-17 15:28  0.98
Football / Cittadella v Spezia : Correct Score 25-Mar-17 17:00  25-Mar-17 18:53  27 1.36 0 Back 25-Mar-17 17:46  -1.36
Football / Cittadella v Spezia : Correct Score 25-Mar-17 17:00  25-Mar-17 18:53  17 2 32 Lay 25-Mar-17 17:28  2
Football / Almeria v Alcorcon : Correct Score 25-Mar-17 17:00  25-Mar-17 18:52  44 1.3 0 Back 25-Mar-17 17:46  -1.3
Football / Almeria v Alcorcon : Correct Score 25-Mar-17 17:00  25-Mar-17 18:52  26 2 50 Lay 25-Mar-17 17:30  2
              Total Profit 4.02
              No. of Bets 10
              No.of Matches 5
              ROI 2.7%

You will notice that I am using very small amounts of money.

This was primarily for risk management reasons.  But I also realised that sometimes the Correct Score market – which is the one that this service trades – can be highly illiquid.

This is something we will need to an eye on in future.


This is a service that does require the user to be very available. So, following my first few trades, I paused the trial whilst I searched high and low for a new triallist who was able to do it justice.

I’ve now found one in Mark, who has been very active recently on my FBA thread. He is going to make an immediate start and will report periodically on progress.

I’m conscious of the fact that several people have been awaiting this update, looking for guidance on whether to buy the product.

I’m afraid I have to apologise to them for my slowness in getting this off the ground. Unfortunately however, there are limits to the number of trials I can run, especially where trading is involved. I just forgot that for a moment in my excitement.

And I do remain excited. So far I have won every trade and think AOW really might be on to something.

Mark will now take the testing forward to see if this hunch is right.

He’ll be back with his first report in June.

Meanwhile, you can read more about Any Other Win here.


ps Why not get a copy of my free PDF on making £1000 a month from betting? It’s easy to understand, even if you’re a novice, and you can get free copy now just by clicking here!

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  1. SueD says

    Will look forward to Mark’s update as need a bit more than 5 matches before taking the plunge!

    I assume the ‘action’ takes place in the second half as when I looked at the results I noticed there wasn’t a single match without a goal at HT – and I refuse to believe that anyone’s selection is that good.

  2. Gerry says

    Hi Sue,

    “I assume the ‘action’ takes place in the second half” …….. Nope………. :-)

    Should be counting your winnings by then……..

    • SueD says

      Then it has to after a goal goes in Gerry – an alternative I should have considered. If it’s not then I don’t believe the results as even the highest scoring teams have their off days!

  3. Gerry says

    Hi Sue,

    You don’t believe the results eh? Actually Sue I can confirm all the results on his website are correct. I’ve crossed
    checked them against another review site who completed a review, also a mate of mine is a subsrciber and his
    results and team selections are exactly the same.

    Looking at your comment about the highest scoring teams have there day off, nope again Sue, keep trying….. :-)

    Actually this is one of the easiest forms of trading on football, there is very little trading involved, just a little time
    consuming. It does work and it is easy, why not give it a go instead of waiting, you get a free 7 days and can cancel
    if your not happy. I’ve been doing the same thing almost for years, only mine has a little insurance bet added.

  4. Gerry says

    Sue just to add,

    Do you not think his subscribers would be up in arms if his selections and results were not true?
    After all they can see and check also, think about it?…..

  5. Big Jay says

    Thanks for the previous info Gerry.

    I’ve decided I’m going to stick with Helge’s selections as I’m a lazy so & so!!

    As long as it continues in the same way then I would have to say it’s one of the best trading products I’ve used.

    I think as long as you have realistic ROI expectations and a little time & organisation (which I don’t think is even that much of a hardship) then you should be good to go with this.

      • Ellie says

        Thanks Lucy.
        On May 6th on the trial intro thread Helge himself posted a comment mentioning he did (at that time) a 7 day free trial. Following the link he gives, it would appear that’s no longer available.

  6. Gerry says

    Hi Jay,

    Might join you mate, get a bit fed-up searching for selections at times. Yep it’s not a bad little trading method!…

    For anyone interested, if you had been doing this trading just for April and traded all the same bets as Helge, you would have traded 109 games and had a loss on 22 of them, you do the maths.

    At £ 25 stakes, that’s a profit of £580.50 for the month, of course everyone’s profit margin would differ slightly because of when you traded out.

    Now just let me add, a lot of those bets were he took a small loss, turned out to be winning bets, he was playing safe. If you’ve got the nerve and let them run, your profits would have been a hell of a lot more!….. that’s down to having the right selections and doing the research.

    Think I should just say, I’m no way connected with Helge in anyway, have been doing this a long time only slightly different.

  7. Gerry says

    Ive just checked those 22 losing bets in April, if you had let them run, 18 of the 22 were winning bets, a lot of profit.

    I’m getting like Lucy, I’m getting a little excited about this too, god knows why, been doing for a long time…. :-)

  8. Gerry says

    Now I know some are going to say, well what about the 4 bets were you are going to lose all your money taking the full loss? Well I’m not going to tell you, took me years to learn to trade, a lot of hard work and study.
    But there is a way to reduce those losses considerably, if i can learn it, so can you…. :-)

    • Gerry says

      Jay you make me laugh…. :-) by the sound of it your doing fine mate. It is a good method and anyone doing it, I would just stick to the rules Helge gives you in the manual. I throw in a few covering bets, but that’s just me doing it my way.

      All that above is if you really want to get into it, it can be done, but why get greedy if your making a good profit…

      Good luck with it…..

      • Gerry says

        Hi Sean,

        Now then my friend, you have the ” Unsolvable ” Slicer system eh?

        Here’s a few names then you might reconise, ” Of course Slicer himseld, Then we have ” KMAbet, and finally, The Globber. ” There are a few others, but of no real importance….

        Mate I wouldn’t even go there if I was you, this topic has closed more forums than you can imagine.
        God knows how many people got ripped off and lost money….

        Yeah I think your just having a wind up… :-) good luck with whatever you’ve got there… but I think we both know don’t we…… :-)

        All the best….

    • Gerry says

      Hi Jay, I bet they do!….the rip-off ran into tens of thousands, fake good reviews supplied by mates. I laugh because I’d seen this so called trading on football. After trading on Betfair since they started, you learn a thing or two…. :-)

  9. Sean says

    I honestly don’t know what I have here but got it for nothing and the person I got it from was saying regarding others:

    “…..still believing a mysterious 3rd bet would lead to the holy grail. – It ain’t true folks!”

    • Gerry says

      Hi Sean,
      Trust me, stick it in the garbage bin, I know exactly what your talking about, it don’t work mate.

      The thread your on “AOW” and this trading method does work, you can make money, there aint no holy grail mate…. :-)

  10. Tony says

    There’s something about this product I don’t quite understand.
    The cost.
    I was curious to know how much it would be and decided that £199 would be the price that I’d bet on if I had to guess (well £197 seems to be the price of a very large number of systems for some reason -presumably that’s the price that curious people like myself are willing to pay just to find out what it is).

    And it’s a monthly cost of £36.

    So I’ve inferred from that that apparently most people can’t work out which matches to trade even after they’ve seen the first dozen or so and know what this trade is?

    Which I find quite surprising.

  11. Big Jay says

    Helge has discovered some match filters which seem to work so you are paying for his selections saving you having to to trawl through tons of matches every day.

    I’m certainly not going to try and second guess these just in case I get it wrong and start losing money.


  12. Andrew says

    @ Sean,

    I can confirm that a service is available with matches listed that provide a low risk approach which is similar to Slicer’s bet, I traded the service for a couple of months and made money. You can get caught out with two quick goals (I didn’t) but you lose small amounts and easy recoverable.

    I also have Helge’s system but decided not to go with the service and picks as my personal circumstances have changed.

  13. Big Jay says

    Hi Gerry,

    I just wondered if you ever still place the initial bet if it has gone past the number of minutes stated in the manual if the odds are good?


    • Gerry says

      Hi Jay,

      Good question, I try to stick to what Helge advises because that’s about the time I would go to.
      Might strech it a bit if the odds are in your favour. I get an idea how the game is going by using live stream on Betfair.
      It’s funny mate, I’ve had about a dozen selections some days I’ve found myself, and not one of them I got to place a bet.

      Hope that helps….

  14. Gerry says


    If this is any help, on the live stream, I check the stats on how the game has gone up to just before cut off time.

    I have my own figures, number of shots on goal both teams together, also number of dangerous attacks both teams. If both look poor, usually pack it in at the cut off time. That way mate, saves you having to constantly monitor the whole period up to cut off time. Also this is a quick way if your doing several games at once.

    I’ll give you my stats figures, Shots on goal, at least 5 that’s both teams together, dangerous attacks at least one team must have 15 plus what ever the other has. I check these just before we’re coming up to cut off time.

    If it’s less than any of the above, cut off time is at what you see in the manual.

    It’s quick once you get into a routine mate….. :-)

  15. Gerry says

    Just to add Jay,

    I laugh, looking at that, anyone would think you wanted lot’s of goals. Remember I’ve done the research and history check previuosly on soccervista, and these leagues I pick are one of the lowest rankings in the world for goal scoring.
    Usually averaging less than 2 goals per game all season, I’m not that daft……. :-)

    Good luck…

  16. Big Jay says

    Cheers Gerry.

    Great info, much appreciated.

    Just got myself in a bit of pickle going past the time earlier though!

    Home team scored 2 in quick succession, I decided to enter the market and then they bloody scored another a few minutes later putting me under a bit of pressure.

    Anyway, I take some positives out of it as I managed to reduce the red by about 50% and think I may have spotted areas where you place your insurance bets :)

    Thanks again

    • Gerry says


      They are there right in front of you on Betfair mate!…. Don’t follow the crowd, think outside of the box….
      Think “Frank Sinartra ” I Did It My Way ”

      Have fun…. :-)

  17. Gerry says

    Hi Jay,

    Of course the quickest and less time consuming way is just use Helge’s selections and wait for the alert to place your bet.
    The reason I go through all the stats is because I use those same games to trade different markets. Once I see it’s not happening as far as Helge’s type of trade, I carry on, because even low scoring teams have ways of making cash.

    I suppose some looking at the above would think, why make such hard work of it when all you got to do is wait.
    Well there’s always options, long live Betfair…… :-)

  18. Big Jay says

    This is going from strength to strength for me.

    Not only am I using the AOW selections but I’m now coming up with some decent selections using a previously reviewed alert service.

    it really is quite amazing how markets react if something happens in a certain period and then never happens again so we can trade out for some decent profit.

    From what I’ve seen today it’s the easiest money I’ve made in a long time :)

  19. Vincent says


    I’ve been using this little simple system and selections for a week now and I must say I’m very happy. I can see the potential.

    Well done Helge!


  20. Gerry says

    Well done Jay, your really in the groove now eh…:-) Yep that’s what it’s all about, reaction and price movement.
    Always remember give a few seconds for prices to settle, even more profit, plus remember cash out, check second offer, or even third, usually more profit to balance even payout.

    • Vincent says

      Hi Jay,

      You refer to the Cordoba game? I hope you hedged at HT, right?

      It’s quite a big loss but should be recovered with the next 7 to 8 successful trades :)


      • Big Jay says

        Hi Vincent,

        Yes, got out at HT.

        Not the end of the world. Will dust myself down and move on.

        All the best

  21. Gerry says

    Yeah I can see why he picked that, bit penalty and red card happy that league for my liking. Second goal after only eleven minutes needed an insurance cover bet on straight after or get out then.
    All part of the game, look at it this way, if we never lost, there wouldn’t be anyone left to get matched with!…. :-)

  22. Big Jay says

    Blimey, another tricky match tonight.

    I managed to get out just it the nick of time with a fairly small loss thankfully.

    Hopefully others didn’t suffer too much.

    • Vincent says

      Hmm, yes, a quite modest loss although it would have been much better if the home team waited a bit in the second half…

      Will surely take a more cautious stance next times when the same setup occurs…

      I’ve noticed the results are not updated after end of April 2017… I’ve queried Helge, let’s see why.


    • Gerry says

      Seen loads , but they’re my own… :-) maybe packed up, if no selections showing, poor form if not telling anyone why?

  23. Gerry says

    Can’t be because english leagues have finished, his selections like mine some really obscure leagues to fit the criteria your looking for. He sounds like a one man band to me, still not updated his results showing for may yet!

  24. Big Jay says

    Hi Gerry,

    It would be a shame if he has disappeared as I do like the system even though it’s been spluttering a bit the past few days.

    However, a new and seemingly very profitable set & forget system has been launched which costs less to buy than one months subs here so this may take up my time anyway.

    We shall see…………..

    • Gerry says

      Hi Jay,
      Oh come on Jay don’t leave us in the dark, I know you can’t advertise, but sirely you can give us a hint where to find it, sounds good!….. :-)

  25. Big Jay says

    Um, how to do this without getting in trouble……:)

    Another well know football trading / stats site has a review section.

    It is one of the newer reviews in there.

    Hope that helps mate.

  26. Gerry says


    Thanks mate, if it’s the one I think it is, can only be used with bookies, so a problem for me, ( if I got the right one :-)

  27. Gerry says

    Hi Jay,

    Has Helge started showing his selections again? See he still hasn’t updated his results, and no updates on here as to what happened!….


  28. Big Jay says

    Hi Gerry,

    Yes, Helge has started posting the selections again. No mention of what happened for the couple of days he was MIA.

    I’ve actually cancelled my subs as I believe I can do this by myself when I am available which makes it more flexible for me.

    All the best


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